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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Audio Book Review: Cyclone, Linear Tactical Series, by Janie Crouch

I enjoyed this second chance romance with its conflicts and suspense.
Linear Tactical Series
By: Janie Crouch
Narrated by: Tom Campbell
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Release Date: December 3, 2018
Publisher: Calamity Jane Publishing
Run time: 6 hours and 51 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook
Genre: Military, Romance, Suspense
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.25; Narration 4.25.

He’d protect her from any threat… But what if the biggest threat is him?
Doctor Anne Nichols is back in Oak Creek, Wyoming, only because she has no other options. Here, she was always the shy, stuttering girl, invisible to everyone.
Except Zac Mackay. The very reason she left in the first place.
Zac’s years in Special Forces taught him survival skills, and he’s created a company—Linear Tactical—to teach those skills to others, so they never have to live in fear.
Then why is Annie, the last person he’d ever want to hurt, afraid of him?
Zac’s determined to wipe the fear from the eyes of the woman who has never been far from his mind. And fix the mistakes—his mistakes—that put that look there in the first place.
But a predator has set his sights on Annie. And now survival skills will become much more than lessons…

Anne is a talented and confident doctor, but her confidence fails in social relationships. She was teased in school because of a stuttering problem. Anne’s only true friend, Becky, married high school crush, Zac. When Becky and their young child died in an accident, Zac and Anne had a consoling encounter that was a dream and a nightmare for Anne. For Zac it is a blacked-out night of drunkenness.

Anne left town after the incident and has only returned after abandonment and divorce by her faithless husband. Anne managed to stay ‘invisible’ to the locals until Zac and his friends show up in the hospital and recognize her. Zac’s initial reaction adds to his prior rejection of Anne. When he begins to realize that he did something horribly wrong Zac sets out to find the truth and heal the relationship.

While Anne and Zac are trying to decide to avoid or embrace each other, they become involved in investigating a serial rapist. Anne is on scene to help victims and Zac and his friends are on scene to seek forensic evidence. As they review several crime scenes, Anne comes under the eye of the villain. Zac is quick to step up to provide protection.

Anne is not a typical beautiful, brilliant, and confident heroine. She is shy and flawed in spite of her intelligence and attractiveness. Zac is a former special forces hero with keen skills and a caring heart. Their relationship is complex and past misunderstandings have to be overcome. The sexual scenes are on the sexy side but not over powering.

I was drawn into the story quickly and the well-balanced blend of romance and mystery kept me interested until the end. I also liked the Linear Tactical team whom, I suspect, will star in their own books as the series continues. I would be willing to read more in the series which I recommend to readers who enjoy stories with romantic conflict and strong action.

Audio Notes: Tom Campbell does a very nice job narrating. He gives voices to the characters that worked and he presented the story with solid pacing and emotion. This is the first book I listened to from Chirp and the quality of the audio production is good. Apparently Chirp is a distribution venue of regular audiobooks so it is a chance to listen to some good books for a discounted price – win -win.

Source: July Chirp Purchase $1.99. This qualifies for 2019Audiobook goal.

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