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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Updated ARC and Review List for Giveaways

5/25/13- I have some new books to add and I will be updating the list soon.
Latest update at bottom - 3/25/13

10/6/12 Update: I have added some extra titles with a new photo below.

6/14/12 I have updated my Review and ARC pictures into these three pictures. The books are in alphabetical order by title and the books are listed below under either Review or ARC.

Review Books:
  1.  Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden    March SBB
  2.  Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin) by Laurel McKee
  3.  The Fear Principle: Jaguar Series by B.A. Chepaitis April/May SBB Choice
  4.  Iron Man 2 by Alexander Irvine
  5.  Lonestar Secrets (Lonestar Series Book 2) by Coleen Coble 
  6.  Never a Gentleman (The Drake's Rakes Series) by Eileen Dryer (3 copies - one ARC, two review)
  7.  Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories by Jeffery W Turner (not in picture)
  8.  Still the One by Robin Wells
  9.  Tempted by Fate by Kate Perry  
ARC Books:
  1.  A Season of Seduction by Jennifer Haymore (one ARC, one review)
  2.  Confessions of an Improper Bride (A Donovan Novel) by Jennifer Haymore
  3.  Deliciously Sinful by Lilli Feisty
  4.  The Goblin King by Shona Husk
  5.  The Guardian (Return of the Highlanders) by Margaret Mallory 
  6.  Lady of Seduction (Daughters of Erin) by Laurel McKee 
  7.  Montana Glory by R. C. Ryan
  8.  Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5) by Larissa Ione (1 ARCs)  May SBB choice
  9.  Sins of a Highland Devil by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
  10.  Soul Catcher by Leigh Bridger
  11.  The Storm that is Stirling by Lisa Renee Jones Dec SBB choice
  12.  Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel (Highland Warriors 2) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
  13.  Two Lethal Lies by Annie Solomon  (2 ARCs) - 1 Chosen for SBB June win
  14.  Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

Added Titles 7/28/12
Review Copy: 

ARC Copy (no cover images)
15.  Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded by Kate Hardy    March SBB
16.  The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress by Kelly Hunter

New Picture and Additions October 6, 2012  
  1.  A Lady's Revenge by Tracey Devlyn
  2.  The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen
  3.  The Highlander's Prize by Mary Wine

Newly Added (Picture to be added) 1/30/13
4.  Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance) by Larissa Ione Print Book Hop Selection
5.  The Claimed (Sin Hunters) by Caridad Pineiro - personally autographed
6.  Relentless Pursuit by Sara Orwig
7.  Everybody's Suspect in Georgia by Cecil Murphey
8.  Blue Heart Blessed by Susan Meissner
9.  Calico Canyon by Mary Connealy

Newly Added 3/25/13 (I'll picture these with the ones above soon.)
Review books:
10.  Desperate Deeds by Dee Davis
11.  The Book of Madness May SBB choice
12.  Lethal Rider
13.  Angels Landing
14.  Nipped in the Bud 

ARC books
15.  Embracing the Highlander
16. What in God's Name
17. Thief of Shadow

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