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Saturday, January 2, 2010

December 2009 Reading List!

December 2009  Books 173 - 188
(If there is no link that means I am still working on the review or it hasn't been posted yet!)

173.     Evidence of Angels by Suza Scalora Children’s Book 5.0 MBS
174.     Play it Loud by Gina Lee Nelson (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4 stars BTL
175.     The Dragon and the Rose by Gina Rifkin (eBook) Historical - Medieval 4 stars BTL
176.     Keeper of My Heart by Therese Travis (eBook) Historical Romance Need to Read YGR
177.     Wayward Angels by Karen Wiesner (eBook) Contemporary Inspirational 5.0 Gotta Read YGR
178.     The Spell by Regan Taylor (eBook) Paranormal 4.0 CR
179.     Right Under Her Nose by Lee Coston (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.25 eCR
180.     Love Thy Neighbor by Patricia Bates (eBook) Historical Romance Need to Read YGR
181.     True Blue by David Baldacci (Audio CDs) Mystery Thriller 4.5 MBS
182.     It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale 4.0 MBS
183.     Angel and the Lawman by Barbara W. Starmer (eBook) Historical Western 4.5 eCR
184.     What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell (Audio CDS) Informational Interest 4.25 YGR
185.     Getting Lucky by Carolyn Brown Contemporary 3.75 CRST
186.     Released by Kimber Chin (eBook) Suspense 4.5 YGR
187.     Exiles from Christmas by Sandra Sookoo (eBook) Fantasy 4.0 YGR
188.     Call Me Kate, Meeting the Molly Macguires by Molly Roe (eBook) Historical 4.5MBS

Plus a couple of children's books read to my Grandson!

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