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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Challenges I'm Signing up for in 2010 - Part One!

As I kept adding challenges I realized I would need two posts so I will post half today and half tomorrow! Thankfully a lot of them will overlap!

100+ Reading Challenge 2010
Hosted by J. Kaye's Book Blog!
I read 188 books in 2009 - I may push for 200 in 2010!

Hosted by Royal Reviews who is hosting quite a few!!
I think I will start with Curious Level - 3 books 2nd in a series
or 2nd of an author.

I will do Spark level on this: 1 to 2 books from the Master List.
Lots of good books to choose from
and I have read many.
But there are plenty left for me to choose from!

No Button yet for this
Hosted by Library Things
Read 10 books in 10 Categories
I'll update this in a few days with my 10 categories!

Hosted by the Medieval Bookworm
I will do the Peasant level – Read 3 medieval books of any kind.
The three kinds listed are history, medieval literature and historical fiction.

Hosted by Royal Reviews
I am doing level 3:  
Addicted - 12 books
I don't get as many
audio books for review
so I was hesitant to
sign up for more.

Hosted by My Friend Amy
Level One! Buy one book and read it before
December 31st, 2010.
I am doing this level as I get so many books for review
I don't always have to buy.
But I will for sure do at least one! I will add both options:
Indie Option--Make sure the book or books you buy are purchased at an independent bookstore.
Book Blogger Option--Buy only books you learn about on book blogs.

Also hosted by Royal Reviews
Since so many of my books are eBooks on the Kindle
I will do Level 4:  
Obsessed - 20 books!

Hosted by Royal Reviews
I will do the second level:
Fascinated – Read 6 Fantasy Fiction novels.

Challenges to be continued!


  1. Wow! And I thought I was doing good to sign up for 4 reading challenges. These all look so good. Could be addictive!

  2. Deb- you are right that they are addictive! Fortunately a lot will overlap!

  3. Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge. This is one challenge I know you will finish! You read way faster than I do. I'd love to have your speed.

  4. So glad to have you join us in the 451 Challenge! I will look forward to your thoughts on what you read.


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