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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Audio Book Review: The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

This is a very engaging Epic.
The Warded Man
Written By: Peter V. Brett
Narrated By: Peter Bradbury

Warded Man, Peter V. Brett

Duration: 18 hours 16 minutes
Release date: 11-25-09
Publisher: Recorded Books
Genre: Adventure, Epic, Fantasy
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.5; Narration 4.5.

Peter V. Brett has won accolades from critics, fans and fellow authors alike for this riveting debut novel. The Warded Man features a world where demons stalk the night, hunting humans who have long forgotten the magic of their ancestors. But all is not lost, as some hold out hope that a savior will release humanity from the demons' terrifying reign. 'Brilliant, with action and suspense all the way.' -Terry Brooks

The world of humans is cowed and oppressed by demons who stalk the night. The humans rely on magical wards to protect them within their walled cities and homes. But much has been lost in the arts of magic and warding and the demons are making headway. Young (eleven-year-old) Arlen, from an outlying community, gets to meet a brave messenger, Ragen, and his entertaining, but fearful, juggler. A messenger does much more than deliver messages. He is trained to fight and knows how to ward to protect himself and his juggler on the roads at night. The juggler’s job is to entertain the children and crowds while the messenger negotiates for trade goods.

Arlen learns about big cities, mountains, and deserts from Ragen. Arlen begins to believe that he could become a messenger when he grows older. Arlen is small but smart. He was bullied until he learned to outsmart the bullies. Ragen reinforced his young views explaining that men could stand up and fight, though they might die, or they can hide and slowly die as cowardice shames them. After tragedy in his family, Arlen runs away and learns to fight the demons, even injuring a powerful rock demon who becomes his enemy.

Meanwhile, in other chapters, Leesha is a young woman struggling with the thought of becoming nothing more than a ‘brood mare’. She wants to take over her father’s printing business, but then she begins to work with the local healer. Although the healer is considered an old crone, she clearly knows the magic to care for the sick, heal wounds, and set bones.

The third primary character is a young boy, Rojer Inn, who witnessed his parents die as Arrick Sweetsong, the Duke's Herald, hides with Rojer in the bolthole under the Inn. Arrick raises the boy who becomes his apprentice. But Arrick loses his position and Rojer struggles in the streets trying to keep food, instead of alcohol in Arrick’s belly. Rojer suffers from guilt and tends to try to stay under the radar. As he matures, he realizes that he has a magical ability to impact the demons but he doesn’t know how this magic will be used.

The reader/listener anticipates how and when the three protagonists will meet. I got caught up in the world and the intensity of the characters, particularly the very lone warrior, Arlen. I liked his struggles, battles, and development. I did hope that he would find love somewhere in the story.

I initially was reluctant to start such a long book, but I was very glad that I listened to this. I will want to continue in the series at some point. I recommend this to readers who enjoy D&D type fantasy.

Audio Notes: Peter Bradbury does a good job with the narration. I quickly adapted to enjoying his energy and his variety of voices for the characters. The narration made this a better experience for me.

Source: 10/16/19 VIP. This qualifies for 22022TBR and 2022Audiobook goals.

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