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Friday, November 18, 2022

Audible Book Review: White Wasteland by Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross

I liked this Post Apocalyptic story but realized it is a shoot off from an earlier series.
White Wasteland
A Black Autumn Saga (White Wasteland Series, Book 1)
By: Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross
Narrated by: Kevin Pierce

White Wasteland  By  cover art

Series: White Wasteland Series, Book 1
Black Autumn, Book 5
Length: 12 hrs and 50 mins
Release date: 05-04-21
Publisher: ReadyMan Publishing, LLC
Genre: Military, Post-Apocalyptic
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.25; Narration 4.25.

Publisher's Summary
As winter descends on a broken nation, the Homestead survival compound squares off against Mother Nature and an unstoppable wave of human suffering against a violent flu, coupled with desperate mobs and a fanatical warlord.
The Special Forces warriors and their civilian fight force face a moral collapse at home as the founder of the Homestead struggles with the demons of his own, while a secretive group of Homestead women follow their hearts into uncharted waters, tossing the fragile community into further turmoil.
Strange visions, precarious faith, and troubled dreams gnaw at the Homestead, but are keys to their survival buried in their inmost truths?
The saga of Black Autumn continues in book one of the White Wasteland Series.
©2021 Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross (P)2021 Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross

Jason is the political, ‘mayorial’, leader of the Homestead, who is steadily drinking more and losing sight of doing the right thing. The Special Forces security leader, Jeff, is realizing he will have to take a stronger position to protect the Homestead - first from masses of starving people seeking food and then from more serious, organized threats.

Meanwhile, the hierarchy of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church), is floundering due to the death of many of the high leaders. One of the top twelve remains but he is reluctant, due to guilt, to declare himself the next president. Instead a egomaniac church leader, with a large following on secure farmland to the southern border, declares himself the new President. He then declares war on the church in Salt Lake City.

The Homestead forces don’t have enough numbers to continue to fight off the outsider attacks. Jeff is having vivid dreams or nightmares nudging him to make hard decisions. Should he seek the help of the Salt Lake City church to fight the threat from the south?

The story jumps right in with action, and I quickly realized that the characters and apocalyptic event are carried forward from another series. This book is actually the 5th book in the Black Autumn series and the 1st in the White Wasteland series. Even though there is not a clear backstory to bring a reader up to date, I still enjoyed this story. It had plenty of action and personal conflicts to make it interesting.

I found the religious element interesting with the internal church struggles and the recognition of evil even in self-proclaimed godly men. I didn’t feel that the author was trying to preach through the inclusion of the church conflict which fit with the setting of the Homestead next door to Salt Lake City.

Some readers will feel it necessary to start at the beginning of the first series, but I think it can be enjoyed even if that doesn’t happen. I have the first book on Kindle and plan to read it at some point. I recommend this to fans of post-apocalyptic stories.

Audio Notes:
Kevin Pierce does a great job narrating this genre. He provides distinct voices and appropriate energy. I am glad that I was able to listen to this story.

Source: 3/3/22 New-to-Me series purchased at Audible Sale for $3.74 This qualifies for 2022Audiobook goal.

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