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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Words of Encouragement December 12, 2021

Hubby and I were feeling a little under the weather this morning (him more than me really), so we did church online. Pastor started the Christmas series: “Heaven is Here.”

He reminded us that the holiday season is not just for decorations, music, joy, and gifts. The real “reason” for the season is the gift of a child, Jesus, our savior. Many may be waiting for the season, the festivities, and the presents. God’s people had been told of a promise and they were waiting too.

God watches over the earth. He saw that times were dark with the brutal Roman empire tyrannic rule. He had a plan all along, but darkness was the time He chose to reveal His plan and deliver His promise. Matthew 4:16-17.

Sometimes light is brightest in a dark time. So, Jesus was sent to become a child in a dark time.
Even King Herod knew there was something special about the baby. Times were so dark that he sought to kill the baby. But God made sure that the light would come into the world for those who would see it.

The POINT: Don’t miss the Savior that has come for you. Receive Him.

Sadly, many people of Israel did not realize that Heaven had come to earth. There are many people today who don’t realize that Heaven has come in the form of a child who grew to a man who gave his life on a cross to save all men. His light still shines today. There is much darkness in the world today. Don’t miss the light - don’t miss the Savior for all of the flash during this season.

I chose this song for today: Light of the World (Sing Hallelujah)
Verses for Today:
Matthew 4:16-17
16 the people living in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death
a light has dawned.”
17 From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

Lord, please help me focus on Your Light during this season AND all year long. Thank you for being alive in me.
Click HERE for an online Prayer for Walking in the Light.


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