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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Words of Encouragement April 6, 2014

The scripture reading this week has continued in Deuteronomy. Our Sunday school teacher advised that the phrase "the Lord Your God" is mentioned at least 250 times. God was making the point that He wanted them to recognize that He was their God and they were not to worship any other idols or gods. As long as the people worship the Lord, they would be blessed. But if they turned away to worship idols or other gods then they would be cursed. Deuteronomy 28.  It is surprising that the Israelites could see the miracles God performed in their lives - to free them from slavery in Egypt and provide for them in the wilderness - yet the people were easily led into idolatry. Numbers 25.

Yet, even today we who consider ourselves as faithful believers sometimes do not recognize the miracles of God and the wonderful presence of God. Just this morning God shared a message through one of our sisters in Sunday School. It was an awesome message of God’s sovereignty and love for us that we have been adopted into His family and He is the Lord, Our God, and we must remember to acknowledge Him and worship Him as such. When the message was ended we uttered ‘amen’, ‘thank you’ and ‘praise the Lord.  ‘Our leader/teacher then asked: ‘Are we awed, as we should be, that God loves us enough to speak directly to us.’ Sometimes we take that honor for granted when it is such a special blessing that should never be taken for granted.

I do believe God is doing a work in our congregation. We felt His presence in ladies’ prayer group yesterday morning as we prayed for needs and for this morning’s baptism service. We felt His presence again this morning during praise and worship. It is an awesome thing!

Forevermore Awesome God!
(Lyrics can be read at the link.)
Verses for Today:
Deuteronomy 28 (NIV) Blessings for Obedience
9 The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as He promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the Lord your God and walk in obedience to him. 10 Then all the peoples on earth will see that you are called by the name of the Lord, and they will fear you. 

Lord please help me to recognize your hand and presence in my live each day!

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  1. It certainly is awesome when we feel God's presence. How wonderful that he loves us so very much!!


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