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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audio Book Review: One Fine Day You're Gonna Die Charlie D. Mysteries, Book 2 by Gail Bowen

This is an engaging, psychological mystery that is a good, quick listen.
Charlie D. Mysteries, Book 2
by Gail Bowen

Narrator: Daniel Maté
# of Audio CD's: 2
# of MP3 CD's: 1
Audio CD ISBN: 978-1-927401-92-7
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: 4.25 of 5..0

Charlie D is back doing his late-night radio call-in show. It's Halloween--The Day of the Dead. Not a day filled with good memories for Charlie, but the show must go on. His studio guest this evening is Dr. Robin Harris, an arrogant and ambitious "expert in the arts of dying and grieving," who also seems to be auditioning for her own radio talk show. Charlie and Dr. Harris do not hit it off. Things go from bad to worse when the doctor's ex-lover, Gabe, goes on air to announce that he's about to end his life. Dr. Harris is entirely unsympathetic until she learns that Gabe also has her daughter Kali and plans to poison her too. It will take all of Charlie D's on-air skills to save both Gabe and Kali.

This is the second in the Charlie D mystery series. In this episode it is Halloween and Charlie D has a guest hostess to deal with The Day of the Dead. Dr. Robin Harris is extremely arrogant and thinks that only her opinions on grieving are the right and worthy ones. She hopes to use this night with Charlie as an opportunity to gain her own talk show. There is a big difference between Charlie and Robin. Charlie has learned to listen to his audience and they appreciate him for that. Robin is too busy trying to tell the callers what she thinks instead of waiting to hear their experience and needs.

Robin is angry that Charlie’s producer, Nova, refuses to bar Robin’s ex-boyfriend, Gabe, from calling in. She doesn’t want to talk to him but she finally begins to listen when she learns that Gabe has her young daughter, Kali, and he is planning to poison her before killing himself. Can Charlie manage to talk Gabe out of harming Kali, or at least keep him on the line until they can locate him and the police can arrive. As Robin panics and continues to make a fool of herself some of Charlie’s other callers are able to call in and give some wise advise for the situation.

Once again this is a psychological mystery that is engaging and enjoyable for a quick listen. The introduction fills the listener in on  Charlie’s particular uniqueness and his occupation so a reader could select this title to enjoy as a stand alone.

Audio Notes: Daniel Maté presents the characters with panache and makes this ‘rapid read’ a smooth,
easy listen.

I received this audio book from Post Hypnotic Press for an honest review.

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  1. A psychological mystery is one of my favourite reads and this sounds like a page-turner, thanks for the review.


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