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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Audio Book Review: The Protector by Marliss Melton

This is a solidly good romantic suspense.
The Protector
by Marliss Melton

Narrated by: David Brenin
Length: 9 hrs and 19 mins
Series: Taskforce Series, Book 1
Format: Unabridged
Release Date:11-05-13
Publisher: James-York Press

Genre: Romantic Suspense
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
Eryn McClellan teaches ESL in Washington, D.C., until the day she's targeted by terrorists avenging her father's actions in Afghanistan. The FBI has stepped in, but when it looks like they are using her for bait, General McClellan enlists the aid of the only man he knows he can trust: former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun.
Embracing solitude in his remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ike thought he'd left the War on Terror behind. Now he's stuck shielding a blue-eyed beauty from ambitious federal agents and crazed jihadists. More disturbing still, the charming Eryn seems intent on shattering his self-imposed isolation. Ike does his best to resist her welcoming ways, but he can feel his restraint eroding like a mountain in a mudslide.
With the FBI hot on their heels and the terrorists not far behind, Ike willingly wages a one-man war in defense of the woman whose passion and faith have given him the strength to rise above his past.
©2011 Marliss Meltlon Arruda (P)2013 Marliss Melton Arruda

Eryn was accustomed to traveling with her military dad. But a time came when her mother Eryn went off to college and then she had to establish a life and home for herself while her father, now a General, led his troops in dangerous lands like Afghanistan. Eryn is pleased to help teach ESL, English as Second Language, but one evening she barely escapes a kidnapping. Apparently Eryn has become the target of a jihadist who seeks revenge against her father.

Eryn is taken into protective custody by the FBI, unaware that a career climbing agent is using her as bait. Eryn’s father will only trust her safety to specially trained men who used to be under his command. He has called Ike out of his guilt ridden seclusion to rescue Eryn and keep her safe. Eryn has heard her father mention this man but that doesn’t mean she is simply going to walk away with him...that is until the safe house blows up behind her and she realizes that she is not safe with the FBI.

Ike whisks Eryn and her faithful dog away to his remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He has a security system and escape routes mapped out. Soon he will need them as the FBI somehow follow Eryn to the remote location and try to get her to return with them. When Eryn and Ike refuse to cooperate the FBI raise enough ruckus to bring the press and lead the terrorists straight to Eryn.

Eryn is a fairly pampered young woman, a ‘princess’ as Ike dubs her. He is a dark, moody and bossy body guard. They don’t seem to have much in common but they are drawn to each other. She wants to pull him out of his solitude and she needs a protector. He tries to resist the temptation of his former commander’s beautiful daughter but he is fighting a losing battle, especially when she throws herself at him.

I really enjoyed the action of this story and, although there were moments when Eryn was bratty and annoying, I came to like both Eryn and Ike and their somewhat reluctant attraction. Their encounter does get to a steamy point but it is well on into the story and is secondary to the suspense and danger of the plot. Caution: There is some swear language. I recommend this to readers who like romantic suspense. I’ll be on the look-out for more titles to read by Ms. Melton.

Audio Notes: David Brenin does a decent job with the narration. He does infuse excitement and emotion even though there is not a lot of accent shift. This was a solid, enjoyable listen.

I received this title through Audiobook Jukebox for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I will put on my tbr pile.


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