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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Book Review: Lady In Disguise (The Langley Sisters) by Wendy Vella

This is a lovely historical with the tensions of society issues and a little bit of danger and mystery.
  • File Size: 2673 KB
  • Print Length: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Wendy Vella; 3 edition (December 10, 2013)
  • ASIN: B00G88MQQY
Genre: Historical Romance
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: November 11, 2013
Desperate and penniless, Miss Olivia Langley is out of options. To ensure her family's survival she and her sister decide to take a drastic step - they don masks and take to the road as highwaymen. Disaster strikes when, inside the first carriage they rob, they find the one man Olivia had hoped never to see again. Five years ago Lord William Ryder had broken Livvy's heart. Now he has returned and she has a bad feeling that if anyone can succeed at unmasking her deepest secrets, it will be him.
Will knew his return would be greeted with both joy and resentment, but after five years of hard living he was ready to come home and take his place in society. He had never forgotten Olivia no matter how hard he'd tried, and whilst he hadn't imagined she would welcome him with open arms, the hostility and anger she displays are at odds with the woman he once knew. It is not long before he realizes she's living a dangerous lie, and now that he’s back, Will is determined to keep her safe and finally claim her for his own.

Olivia is a proper young lady but has the burden of trying to support her younger sisters and household after the untimely death of their father. Olivia is too proud to let the community see that their finances are in desperate shape. They have sold most of the pictures and things of value in their home and they need extra funds to get medical help for the youngest girl, Bella. Now Olivia and her middle sister, Phoebe, have become highway robbers to assure their next meals and to build up the funds to help Beth.

Will has just returned home from his travels and adventures abroad. Five years earlier Will had been dressed down as a wastrel by his elder brother. Will, being a young hothead, stomped off in the heat of anger taking his long time friend, Luke, as coachman and side kick. Now they are returning with a third partner and fortunes secured for each.

Will is thrilled to see his childhood best friend and almost sweetheart, Olivia. Granted he had left her behind with no word too, but they were young and he was a selfish young man enjoying his life of freedom with wicked friends in town. But Olivia had always been special to him and now, as a mature man of means, he is determined to pursue her and keep her safe.

Olivia doesn’t want to acknowledge that Will broke her young heart when he left without so much as a note. She had hoped she had gotten over her youthful infatuation but fears that is not the case when she inadvertently robs his coach on the night of his return. Now she struggles to give him a cold shoulder and to keep him from getting close enough to learn the secrets of her family circumstances. Then Olivia’s odious and lewd cousin determines that he will take advantage of the three young girls. Can Olivia execute an escape before getting caught or will she accept help before it is too late?

The plot may be somewhat old hat but Ms. Vella makes it work nicely with warm characters and good action. This is an easy, light read with strong emotions between the matured characters. I enjoyed the touch of danger that exists with the highway robberies and of course the added villainy of a lecher set to control the girls. Will and his two companions make good heros and add more sidelines of interest. The sexual encounters in this one are strong but not too steamy and play second place to a larger plot which is how I like it. I recommend this to readers who enjoy an engaging, warm historical romance and I look forward to more stories from Ms. Vella.

I received this ebook from the author for an honest review.

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