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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Audible Book Review: Iron Gray Sea: Destroyermen, Book 7 by Taylor Anderson

I really enjoy the individual characters, society dynamics and battle action of this series.
    by Taylor Anderson
    Narrated by William Dufris
        Series: Destroyermen, Book 7

LENGTH  16 hrs and 23 mins
RELEASE DATE  07-16-12
PUBLISHER  Tantor Audio
Genre: Alternate History
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
In Taylor Anderson's acclaimed Destroyermen series, a parallel universe adds an extraordinary layer to the drama of World War II. Now, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, the crew of the USS Walker, and their allies battle an ever-growing host of enemies across the globe in a desperate battle for freedom.

War has engulfed the other earth. With every hard-won victory and painful defeat, Matt Reddy and the Allies encounter more friends-and even more diabolical enemies. Even, at last, in the arms of the woman he loves, there is little peace for Reddy. The vast sea, and the scope of the conflict, have trapped him too far away to help on either front, but that doesn't mean he and Walker can rest. Cutting short his "honeymoon," Reddy sails off in pursuit of Hidoiame, a rogue Japanese destroyer that is wreaking havoc in Allied seas. Now that Walker is armed with the latest "new" technology, he hopes his battle-tested four-stacker has an even chance in a straight-up fight against the bigger ship - and he means to take her on.

Elsewhere, the long-awaited invasion of Grik "Indiaa" has begun, and the Human-Lemurian Alliance is pushing back against the twisted might of the Dominion. The diplomatic waters seethe with treachery and a final, terrible plot explodes in the Empire of New Britain Isles. Worse, the savage Grik have also mastered "new" technologies and strategies. Their fleet of monstrous ironclads - and an army two years in the making-are finally massing to strike.
©2012 Taylor Anderson (P)2012 Tantor

This parallel earth series continues by following up on the displaced WWII Americas and Japanese in their various engagements.

Flint is trapped facing major Grik opposition in Indiaa while General Alden and others under his command try to find a way to get through to help with several different forces that have been trying to push for control of strategic land areas. Meanwhile the Grik, with the aid of the madman Japanese Commander, Kurokawa, are bringing their newly built fleet of ships and air dirigibles to attack their enemies, the Americans and their allies. Kurokawa is not giving full information to the brutal Grik as he meets secretly with other Japanese officers and plans to overthrow the Grik leadership.

The crew from USS Walker are at Respite Island with Emperor Radcliff. Matt (Captain Reddy) is preparing for his wedding to Sandra and a general celebration of the successes so far over the Dominion. The news comes in that another Allied ship has failed to defeat the Japanese POW murderers on their superior ship. Matt makes the difficult decision to take Walker, which already needs repairs, to eliminate that murderous threat once and for all. This creates a confrontation between Sandra and Matt as Sandra has to reconcile his position as extreme commander with her fears for his safety.

Imperial Commodore Jenks takes his ship, Achilles, from North America heading to the Enchanted Islands to secure the safety of those lands in the British battle against the Holy Dominion threat. The Imperial family come under attack and betrayal and treachery are revealed.

There are more personal stories of individual characters busy doing their part to help the battle or rescue other friends. I didn’t find this installment to be quite as exciting as the previous books, but the action picks up mid way and I still enjoyed the informative details of weapon and defense development. All of the action continues to reveal interesting aspects of the societies and continues the warmth of the characters working together through their hardships of war. I have Book 8 available to listen to in the near future.

Audio Notes: I am still impressed by how well Mr. Dufris infuses the personalities into the characters with the voice accents and inflections. This series is really fun listening for me.

This was a selection from my TBR Audible Library. 

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