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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review and Giveaway for The Macgregor's Daughter!

This is an abbreviated version of my review of The Macgregor’s Daughter posted at You Gotta Read Reviews. Click on the book title to see the full review!

Author: Dee Julian.
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Buy Link

Rating: You GOTTA Read
Reviewed by: MarthaE

Blurb: In 1776 England, American born Anadreya Macgregor is branded a spy by the arrogant Marquis of Canderlay. Despite her pleas of innocence, he refuses to listen and has her imprisoned. Aided by the Scottish father she never knew, Dreya escapes to Dragon's Breath Castle.
Five years later, the laird is missing and a badly injured Frenchman washes ashore. Dreya is wary of the blind and amnesic man, though something about him is hauntingly familiar. Is he an ally or a ruthless mercenary who stumbled upon her father's smuggling activities?
The stranger's vision and memory gradually return and Dreya discovers her fate and the continued existence of her clan might very well be in his hands. As the web of deception binding them together unravels, both are in danger of losing everything. Including their hearts.

Review: This is a remarkably engaging historical debut! Full of action, mystery and romance! This is a book that catches your attention from the get go and keeps you turning pages to find out what happens!!

Dreya is a wonderfully bold and strong young woman. ....
Any stranger at Dragon’s Breath is suspect and Dreya doesn’t know what to do with the injured “gentleman pirate” found on the rocks.

....[Lucian] is pretty arrogant under all circumstances which creates a heightened tension between him and Dreya. A pleasant friendship develops between them during his weeks of recuperation but there still isn’t total trust. Then Lucian risks his life to save Dreya’s dog. So why does she lock him in the dungeon after that?

.... While [escaping, Lucian] locks Dreya in the dungeon which convinces her that he will betray her family and clan. ....

Is Lucian aiding the pirates? Will he give evidence against Macgregor? Or will he go back and somehow rescue the intrepid Scottish lass?

The author brings these characters to life and surrounds them with a beautiful, rugged setting and a good mysterious plot. The action starts from the first few pages and continues to the end. I would describe the romance as lightly sensual which confirms to me that it is not necessary to have even steamy interaction to have a good story. This is a great entertaining read and I highly recommend it!


Author, Dee Julian has graciously agreed to give a free eBook as a giveaway!

1. Comment here - if you can think of something Scottish to say that might be fun - but I won't require it! However, you must include your email address, so that I can contact you if you win.

2. For an extra entry, become a follower or tell me if you are already a follower.

3. For another entry, share this giveaway on your blog, my space, facebook or Twitter and tell me where you shared it.

4. I will be posting an interview with Ms. Julian starting tomorrow October 2! To keep the posts shorter I am splitting it into a series. If you comment or ask a question on any of the interview posts that will be another entry!

5. You may make all entries in a single comment or separate comments. Since I have realized that I have to put names/entries on a list for numbering anyway, posting separtely doesn't make a difference unless you post at different times so your numbers are not consecutive!

There will make four total entries possible.

This contest is open to anyone who can download an eBook!

This contest will close Midnight (Central) on Friday, October 23, 2009. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries and announced October 24.


  1. Dee, looks like an interesting book and I love your cover. Also know another author just published with Wild Child! Best of luck.

  2. A Scottish Proverb:
    A little bit of disagreement keeps the talk long. Too much agreement kills a conversation.

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  3. Thank you, Miriam, for that nice commment about the book cover. I absolutely love the cover! And Virginia, I totally agree with that Scottish proverb. In The Macgregor's Daughter, you might say I used it as a blueprint for h/h.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic book! I'll post this on twitter! :)

  5. i was asked if i knew how to catch a kneep as kneep and tatteds are what you have with haggus. it was then explained the kneeps a critters with 4 legs....the 2 on one side being shorter than the other. what you do is startel then so they turn around to run away. this causes them to fall off the mountain.

    the truth is kneeps are cabbage and tattes are potatoes.

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  16. I would love to get my hands on this book. Loved the review. Thanks for the giveaway.

    bsyb100 at gmail dot com

  17. I am a follower.

    bsyb100 at gmail dot com

  18. Great review, Martha. Dee, looks like a book for me. (Follower)

  19. Thank you Busy Bee and Pam P. Good luck on the giveaway.

  20. I found a ye olde Scottish saying. lol

    A house with a reek and a wife with a reard will make a man run to the door.
    "Smoke, a dripping roof, and a scolding wife, are enough to drive a man out of his life."

    Men, always complaining. Guess some things never change. lol

    I'm already a follower.

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  21. I'd love to read this!

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  23. I'd love to win this book. Thanks for the chance!



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