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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RAIN GUTTER Book Shelves From!

Check out these really neat RAIN GUTTER BOOKSHELVES with a tutorial to build them from Kimberly at

I saw this picture while surfing blogs this week and I couldn't wait till Friday to post it with the Blog Discoveries.  I think it is just so wonderful it deserved its own post!!  Kimberly (who must be super busy raising 9 really good looking children!) has many other craft ideas and great information at her site.  Thank you Kimberly for letting me share this link!


  1. Thank you Martha, you're sweet and also right about the "good looking" part, though I may be a little prejudice.

  2. Off to check it out!

  3. Thanks again for letting me share this RaisingOlives! May you enjoy many blessings with your family of blessings! =D

    J. Kaye- Thanks for checking it out!


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