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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Your Halloween Personality??

This is the Sweet and Sensual Romances Group game today courtesy of! The link is at the bottom of the post.

What's Your Halloween Personality?

The scariest thing on Halloween is you! You definitely don't want any kids in costumes crossing your path - and you're willing to scare away any who do.

You're weird. You're downright deviant. And you use dressing up in a costume as an excuse to act out.

Your inner child is stubborn and a bit bossy.

You truly fear the dark side of humanity. You are a true misanthrope.

You're logical, rational, and not easily effected. Not a lot scares you... especially when it comes to the paranormal.

You are picky and high maintenance. If you wear a Halloween costume, it's only when you really feel like it. And it has to be perfect.

What's Your Halloween Personality?


  1. Here's what mine said: You See Halloween as Fun
    You love the drama of Halloween. You definitely like to have the best costume around - and everyone noticing you. . . .
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  2. Had to laugh. I scored the same!

  3. Hi Suko - I thought I posted earlier but maybe the computer ate it! You were the first person I saw that saw Halloween as Fun instead of scary! I'll pop by to check the giveaway! Thanks!

    J. Kaye - Scored the same as me or Suko? And you know what IS Scary? Most of that really fits me! LOL

  4. MarthaE, as you. :) I probably didn't use to be like that. At one time, I was sort of an adventurer. Then I grew up and realized the world is really an insane place to be. ;)

  5. J. Kaye - Too true that the world is really an insane place! I think I've always been more cautious than adventurous!


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