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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interview Chat with Author Dee Julian - PART TWO- About The Macgregor's Daughter!

Please welcome again Dee Julian author of The Macgregor's Daughter for Part Two of our “series” interview. If you missed last Friday, Dee and I discussed her writing process in Part One of the interview.


M: Can you summarize The Macgregor’s Daughter in one sentence?

Dee:  The character or the book? (grin) If you’re referring to the book, I’d have to say: ‘Strong-willed lass meets English gent turned spy who thinks he knows exactly what he wants.’

M:  Oh, good one. I was referring to the book although Dreya would be fun to describe too. That sounds like a good one-liner for this historical.

Do you have a favorite scene in the book?

Dee:  There are several really, but I’d have to say the dungeon scene is my very favorite. I enjoyed letting Lucian play the bad guy for once, and he did it with wicked abandon. Example…the light kiss to Dreya’s lower lip before he left her gagged and tied to a chair, alone in the darkness of the dungeon.

M:  Yes. That was rather wicked. But it was a bit of a turn about since she locked him in the dungeon first.

Your story has some very thick Scottish brogue in it – did you do any special research for that? Have you had any feedback about this aspect of the book?

Dee:  There’s a website that offers English to Scottish translations, so that part was fairly easy though time consuming. One of the proofers for this story wanted a more authentic read, and my editor agreed. I had a few reservations about the change at first, but I also wanted an authentic read and decided to go along. I’m sure the dialect caused a few frowns, and I apologize for that, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so difficult. And, hey, after you read The Macgregor’s Daughter, you can brag to all your friends that you’ve learned a second language.

M:  I didn’t know that about the website translations. I really enjoyed the brogue. It was fun for reading…although I sure couldn’t follow it when I tried to listen with the mechanical voice on Kindle2.

What do you think readers will like best about The Macgregor’s Daughter?

Dee:  I hope they enjoy everything about this book, but if I had to choose one thing, I’d like my readers to admire the way Dreya and Lucian faced their differences before finally deciding to let love overcome those difficulties. I think that’s a lesson for all relationships. 

Here is an excerpt when Dreya and Lucian first meet.
Don't forget to check out the review and enter the Giveaway for a copy of the eBook!


  1. Hi Martha and Dee:
    Okay, you two are capturing me. By the time the interview is over, I'll be buying the book. Love the idea of the dialect.

  2. Thank you, Carol. I confess, all the wonderful reviews of The MACGREGOR'S DAUGHTER has me a bit nervous about the second historical I'm trying to finish. Will PROMISE ME live up to Martha's high expectations? I can only hope so!!

  3. Wonderful interview!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Carol and J. Kaye! I hope you'll check out part three on Friday and watch the trailer!

  5. Enjoying the interview, Dee and Martha, and I'm always interested in a sexy Scot.

    A bit of authentic brogue here and there I don't mind, too much can tend to pull a reader out of the story.

  6. Martha,

    An excellent interview, one that hooked my interest in a type of book I'd normally pass by. And BTW, dialect is a BEAR to get right, so I'll be looking closely. ;-)

  7. Martha, I tried the link to the excerpt and it said, "not found"! Love the idea of all the brogue in the dialect. :)

  8. Hi Dee and Martha,
    I am enjoying the interview series. Can't wait for part three. This sounds like a great read and I feel sure that Promise Me will meet or exceed expectations. Keep writing, Dee, and thanks for the great reviews you turn out, Martha.

  9. PamP - this one was pretty thick but very authentic to the characters!

    Austin - Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes its fun to read different genres isn't it!

    Hi Miss Mae - thanks for letting me know about the link. I have fixed it with a new target.

    Hi Rebecca - thanks for stopping by with encouaging words!

  10. Thanks, everyone! Glad to be back on with Martha and her gang. When it comes to a subject I enjoy, I have a habit of going into detail, so I hope I didn't "talk" too much or ramble on for too long.

    Hi Rebecca-thanks for the encouragement on the second book. That's the shot in the arm I needed.

    Austin-With most male readers preferring horror or science fiction these days, I'm glad you decided to visit the historical side. I hope you enjoy the read. Please...go easy on the dialect critique. (grin)

    Pam P-once you've read a few chapters, you begin to pick up the dialect fairly easy, and it becomes a second language. Just don't read it with an accent, especially Scottish, until you get comfortable with it. That helped me.

    J. Kaye and Miss Mae-always happy to hear from you two.

  11. Woohoo, that is an awesome excerpt! Definitely intriguing. =)

  12. Hi, Heather. Thank you. I'm glad it peaked your interest. If you'd like me to send you the excerpt between heroine and bad guy pirate turned mercenary (note...he's not the hero) just post a response here or send an email to:
    As you can probably tell, I'm always happy to talk shop.


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