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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

REVIEW - The Pumpkinnapper by Linda Banche

Title: The Pumpkinnapper
Author: Linda Banche
Genre: Historical
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Rating: 4.0 of 5.0
Heat Rating: Sweet/Sensual
Author Website:

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Blurb: Pumpkin thieves, a youthful love rekindled, and a jealous goose. Oh my!
Last night someone tried to steal the widowed Mrs. Emily Metcalfe's pumpkins. She's certain the culprit is her old childhood nemesis and the secret love of her youth, whom she hasn't seen in ten years.
Henry, Baron Grey has never forgotten the girl he loved, but couldn’t pursue, and so decides to catch Emily's would-be thief. Even after she reveals his childhood nickname--the one he would rather forget. And even after her jealous pet goose bites him in an embarrassing place.
Oh, the things a man will do for love.

Review: This was a wonderfully sweet quick read! I really enjoyed it! Sorry – no horror to this – except maybe for the goose biting!

Emily and Henry didn’t realize they loved each other when they were young. He went off to school and she was courted by and married another man. Now fate, with maybe a little help from friends, gives them a second chance. Will they take the chance or will they forever shield their hearts not knowing how the other feels?

I have to say that I loved Henry, the goose, in this story! We had two African geese many years ago and they do make good watch guards! He was a great addition to the story.

The actual Pumpkinnappers are really the only Halloween part of the story and there is not a lot of explanation for them. They do serve to help bring Emily and Henry together.

Both the heroine and hero are very pleasant characters, independent and strong, but full of kindness and humor. I liked the interesting bits of background given regarding the pumpkin cultivation. The writing flowed nicely with a good blend of descriptions, sweet romance and smooth action. I will look forward to longer stories from Ms. Banche based on this fine short piece!

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  1. Martha, thanks so much for the great review!

  2. Terrific review, Martha! I love the cover on this book! :)

  3. Good job on the review! I couldn't see the cover (picture wouldn't load), but definitely enjoyed the summary. It sounds like a perfectly fun book for this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. GMR - Thanks for your comment and for letting me know about the pic. I reloaded it. May have been because I moved it from one album in Piscasa. I'm still learning how that system works!


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