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Friday, May 22, 2020

Audio Book Review: Promises to Keep: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy) by R.E. McDermott

Plenty of action made this an intense, engaging conclusion.
Promises to Keep: After the EMP
Disruption Trilogy Book 3
By: R.E. McDermott
Narrated by: Kevin Pierce
Promises to Keep: After the EMP audiobook cover art
Series: Disruption, Book 3
Length: 14 hrs and 13 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 10-05-17
Language: English
Publisher: R. E. McDermott
Genre: Alternate History, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi
My Rating: 4.75 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.5; Narration 4.75.

Publisher's Summary
In this thrilling final chapter of The Disruption Trilogy, R. E. McDermott once again transports us to a frighteningly realistic post-apocalyptic world of chaos and uncommon courage, and of both hope and despair.
When a massive solar storm takes down the power grid, all order collapses with civilization kept alive only by scattered pockets of survivors who find themselves not only short of critical resources, but facing an unexpected enemy - what's left of their own government.
Survivor resistance stiffens as an increasingly corrupt and tyrannical president clamps down on dissent and seeks to eliminate anyone who might expose his perfidy. With both the defenders of Fort Box in what's left of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the people of the ship Pecos Trader in southeast Texas facing uncertain futures, a resourceful and elusive George Anderson leads government forces on a wild goose chase along the Appalachian Trail, but the future looks grim. Only one man has the credibility and the stature to turn the situation around and fulfill a promise to himself - and the nation.
Simon Tremble, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the last lawmaker not under control of the corrupt president, climbs out of his hidden hollow and starts south along the Appalachian Trail. He has promises to keep.
©2017 R.E. McDermott (P)2017 R.E. McDermott

Simon Tremble, the presumptive successor to the President, is trying to get to a safe haven, away from the corrupt powers who want to kill him because he knows too much. Simon and his son are on the path through the Appalachian Trail dodging all the checkpoints set up to find him. Along the way he stumbles upon some unexpected allies.

Meanwhile there are two locations trying to rebuild but they are under siege. Colonel Hunnicut and Levy Jenkins are leading the fight at Fort Box in Wilmington. With a band of Coasties (former Coast Guards members) and a National Guard unit they seek to organize and protect a growing gathering of refugee families. The fort occupants are fighting the corrupt government forces who are misleading desperate refugees to be front line fodder for the attacks.

Captain Jordan Hughes has guided his crew and their tanker of fuel, the Pecos Trader, towards home. Near Beaumont, Texas, his crew has created a floating ‘station’ which is under siege by a large group of ex-cons who have been masquerading as law enforcement.

The book is full of tense action while sharing the struggles of the many characters, some caring leaders and other power-hungry despots. I was pulled in from the opening lines and kept glued through the battles until the difficult but hopeful end. I liked the hint of possible future stories to revisit the rebuilding communities. I do recommend reading the trilogy in order. This is a set for those who enjoy alternative history, post-apocalyptic struggles.

Audio Notes: Kevin Pierce is a wonderful narrator. As soon as I began listening, I was caught up in the world of troubled America. I totally enjoyed the audio listen.

Source: November 2019 Audible Credit. This qualifies for 2020TBR and 2020Audiobook goals.
Book 1: Under a Tell-Tale Sky: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 1) 4.5
Book 2: Push Back: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 2) 4.5

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