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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Audible Book Review: Push Back, The Disruption Series, Book 2, by R.E. McDermott

This is a story I didn't want to put down.
Push Back
The Disruption Series, Book 2
By: R.E. McDermott
Narrated by: Kevin Pierce
Push Back audiobook cover art
Series: Disruption, Book 2
Length: 12 hrs and 58 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 09-12-16
Language: English
Publisher: R. E. McDermott
Genre: Alternate History, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.5; Narration 4.5.

Publisher's Summary
Earth reels in the aftermath of a savage solar storm, a global disaster of unprecedented proportion which leaves most of the world without electrical power or the means to restore it. Across the world, the responses of unprepared national governments are too little, too late. In the US, order collapses and opportunistic forces rise to fill the power vacuum, as what remains of a self-serving federal bureaucracy prioritizes the survival of politicians and bureaucrats over that of the general population.
As chaos and starvation spread, isolated pockets of survivors unite to survive. In Texas, Captain Jordan Hughes and a ragtag group of seamen and ex-Coastguardsmen gather their families close and resist the depredations of a hoard of escaped convicts. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a similarly determined group of survivors attempts to use salvaged resources, not only to save themselves, but also to feed the hungry.
But not everyone is happy about the efforts of the valiant and resourceful few. Secure in his Camp David compound, a corrupt president consolidates power and builds a mercenary force to deal with any possible challenges to his absolute authority and to seize all dwindling resources for government use and fair distribution.
Survivors of the natural disaster are thus dealt another blow as they're betrayed by the very government established to protect them. Do they knuckle under to a dictator, or do they push back?
©2016 Robert E. McDermott (P)2016 Robert E. McDermott

The world has been set into chaos by a solar storm which knocked out electrical power and most normal sources of communication. Some groups have gathered together to share resources and protect one another from others, like gangs of roaming convicts, who would pillage and rape.

This story follows several groups and individuals introduced in Book 1, Under a Tell Tale Sky. Captain Jordan Hughes and a ragtag group of seamen and ex-Coastguardsmen are trying to gather their families onto a flotilla of ships in Texas. As they plan fortifications some of their members set out to travel to Louisiana to seek their own families. Those who travel find friends and foes while those who remain are soon facing attacks by the local convicts who are seeking control. The resistance is building but they are struggling to survive and gather before they can stand and fight.

Meanwhile Congressman Tremble and his son have escaped the FEMA headquarters in Virginia. Tremble is one of the few men living who knows the secret betrayal of the POTUS and corrupt Homeland Security forces. Tremble and his injured son are dodging capture and received help from Wiggins and Tex, two former ship crewmen, who are making their way over the Appalachian Trail to Wiggins’ family in Maine. Another decoy giving some cover for Tremble is former FEMA agent, George Anderson, who has set off on his own. He meets some interesting characters on his beleaguered run. He’d like to find a safe place, but agents are hot on his track.

There is plenty of action to keep the reader/listener interested. There is violence, terror and heartache. I was holding my breath at times. I appreciated the fact that the author doesn’t need to use foul language to fill his story. I have purchased Book 3, Promises to Keep, so I can finish the trilogy ‘next year’. I recommend this series to readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic, action adventures.

Audio Notes: Kevin Pierce is a wonderful narrator. He shares the emotional energy of the story while giving characters their own voices. The narration is enhancing my enjoyment of the series.

Source: July 2018 Audible Credit. This qualifies for 2019TBR and 2019Audiobook goals.

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