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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Words of Encouragement July 7, 2013

I didn’t have my tablet at church this morning but I still took written notes. Yet my thoughts took a tangent from the Sunday school teaching and Sermon.

Throughout both lessons and during worship I was reminded that I am a creation and a child through no power or doing of my own. I am nothing; I do not exist except by God’s powerful might: His hand and breath - the Father’s gift of creation. I do not think and reason but by His gifts to me. I may have applied myself in study but he gave me the ability.

I am a sinner. My human nature does things wrong and fails to do things that I should. I do not have hope for forgiveness without Jesus’ death on the cross which provided the blood sacrifice to cover my sin. I could never be good enough to earn my way into the presence of a Holy God. But God, with grace and mercy, provided the way for me to receive righteousness and inherit through Him.

I do not have hope to live a life of any worth or value without allowing the Spirit to work through me: to work through words, hands, finances and any other means available. I am compelled by an inner stirring to pass on and share of all the blessings I have been given. I was created for a purpose - to worship and serve my Creator. What other purpose would there be but selfish gain, then meaningless death?

I was searching for a song we sang in worship this morning but I couldn’t remember the name.
Instead the Spirit led me to this video which suits my spirit perfectly today!
Your Grace Still Amazes Me!

A Verse for Today:
John 6:63 NIV  (you may want to read on through verse 69.)
The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.

My words today may be a repeat from some earlier Sunday. I would apologize but I realize I would not be sorry for this. I cannot help that this is a recurring theme in my heart and spirit. Sometimes it bubbles out. I pray that God enfuses others, as He graciously does me, with the joy of His Creation, the assurance of His salvation and the peace of His Spirit.

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  1. Thank you for todays' post. This was very inspiring and something I think about every day. I always try to get it across to my friends that we were put here for a purpose.


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