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Friday, October 19, 2012

Audio Book Review: Scarifyers: 08 The Thirteen Hallows

This is zany fun listening!
Scarifyers: o8 The Thirteen Hallows
Author: Simon Barnard, Paul Morris
Narrator: Gareth David-Lloyd, Full Cast

Publisher: Cosmic Hobo Productions
Formats Available: Regular CD, MP3 Download
Running time: 114 minutes
Genre: Comedy
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Harry Crow and Professor Dunning head to Wales to stop sinister forces resurrecting Britain's greatest-ever hero.


When a haunted chess set causes consternation at the British Chess Championships, and a horse magically materialises in Kettering Agricultural Museum, MI:13 are called to investigate.
Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) follow the trail of inexplicable happenings to an unremarkable terraced house in South Wales, home to the mysterious Mr Merriman (David Benson). He’s very old, and very mad; but is there more to Merriman than first appears?
Meanwhile, in the South West of England, famed archaeologist Ralegh Radford (Ewan Bailey) is on the verge of the greatest discovery of the age. Britain’s Tutankhamen, the press are calling it. But what he certainly isn’t expecting to unearth is boisterous 1400-year-old knight Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr (Gareth David-Lloyd).
As Crow and Dunning unravel an unlikely plot to resurrect Britain’s greatest-ever hero, the race is on to stop sinister forces at home and abroad from finding… THE THIRTEEN HALLOWS.

This fun program has touches that made me think of well known movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Star Wars, and James Bond. The thirteen artifacts themselves are fun objects like a haunted chess set that plays itself, an old harness that poofs in its own horse, a mighty sword and many more.

Harry Crow and Professor Dunning are called in from the MI:13 to investigate. They discover there is a legend that The Thirteen Hallows have words or hints that will lead to the burial place of none other than King Arthur. As they get closer to finding all of the artifacts they suddenly uncover a twisted plot to raise the “once and future king” to fight a political, military battle for supposed allies.  Even more dangerous is that the two conspirators may have different goals.  Harry and Professor Dunning face imprisonment (in crypts and jail) from which they must escape in order to stop the mad threat that could cause terrible war.

The giant, 1400-year-old knight, Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr, is a truly hilarious character so totally out of time and place. He is dedicated to guarding the castle until he is shown the current dilapidated condition of the medieval fortress. But he does come in handy when its time to fight!

The full cast audio comes complete with wonderful background music, sound effects like ghost sliding chess pieces, horse neighing from the suddenly appearing stead, and tumbling rocks from a cave in trapping Professor Dunning. The British and Wales accents are lovely. It is an easy, quick listen in one or two sessions. The overall program is reminiscent of entertaining old radio broadcasts - with much better production quality of course.

This is such a fun listen I am likely to go back and pick up the prior episodes especially when I have a need for a good chuckle.  I recommend it for good entertainment.

My thoughts as I listened:
                       Zany, funny, craaaaazy, very entertaining.

Check out the full list of the eight Scarifyers episodes of this fun program.
Audiobook JukeboxImage Header from Cosmic Hobo Productions
I received this for reviewing from Cosmic Hobo Productions
through AudioBook Jukebox.

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  1. That does sound like fun and absolutely perfect for October!


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