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Monday, July 27, 2009

What Are You Reading 7-27-09

If you want to join this meme go to:

I was way behind in reading last week! One book done - ouch! I was spending time setting up the blog and commenting at J. Kaye's Book Blog! LOL! Plus the Kindle "shook something loose" so they are sending a replacement due in tomorrow I hope!

Finished reading:
PB: ----
Audible: ----
Kindle2: Waiting for an Eclipse by Karen Wiesner (Book 2 Wounded Warrior Series)
Audio CD: ---

Currently reading:
PB: Spinning Forward by Terri Dulong - 1/3 in - it is wonderful!
Audible: White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison (Hallows Book 7)- Half way - I really like this series!
Kindle2: Chasing Shadows by Lauren Hope - just started but waiting for new Kindle2
Audio CD: Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo (thanks to JKaye Book Blog!) - Once I got past the first disc I started to find this very interesting!


  1. Wounded Warrior series? I need to learn more!

    Have fun, looks like you have quite the, uh, list to get through!

  2. I gotta ask. What do you mean shook something loose?

  3. Hi Jamie - it is a great series by Karen Wiesner. I have reviewed two from the series and this one will go in tonight. They are "Need to Read" which is 4+. Check out the other reviews here:

    J. Kaye - That is the phrase the tech used! The middle of last week I turned it on and about an inch at the top was scrambled so I couldn't see two or three lines of text. Then it started to have "ghost" text bleeding through from one page to the next. When it didn't clear up after a couple of days I called support on Saturday. He said it sounded like something "shook loose internally"!? They have been really great and speedy! The replacement should be here tomorrow and I have the label already to return the one that isn't working properly. So not too much down time!

  4. Thanks for your example Martha. I'm new to this. Now I know what a meme is of sorts. Sounds like good reads.

  5. Hi Kristen! I'm learning too! In my blue side bar look for Fun Places and click on the Daily Meme. There are tons and tons of Memes! I haven't even begun to explore but some look so interesting!


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