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Monday, July 27, 2009

Review of Ride a Painted Pony

I have posted this review at the SaSR Group today for the Tuesday R&R discussion and contest. But for those who are not members there, here is the review of another good book!

Title: Ride a Painted Pony
Author: Kathleen Eagle
Publisher: MIRA Books
Buy Link:

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Reviewed by: MarthaE
Blurb: On a dark, lonely stretch of Midwest interstate, Nick Red Shield swerves his pickup and empty horse trailer to avoid a pair of eyes. They belong to a woman--battered, bruised and barely conscious--in desperate need of a lift.
Lauren Davis grew up in the high-stakes world of horse racing, a world that took her to fame as a jockey and into a relationship with a dangerous high roller. Life with Raymond Vargas has turned deadly, forcing her on the run, but she can't abandon her son, and now she'll do anything to get him back safe.
While Nick's instincts as a loner kick into high gear, Lauren's vulnerability tugs at him in ways he'd shut down long ago. A man more comfortable with horses than people, unable to make peace with a past that's left him scarred, Nick's not sure about secretive Lauren. But he can't just leave her. And he really doesn't want her to go.
In the safe haven of his South Dakota ranch, among the magnificent painted horses of Western legend, a bond of trust, truth and passion becomes a lifeline for them both. But soon the danger that shadows Lauren's life and her desperate attempt to save her son will force Nick to confront his own demons. Only then can he fight to save Lauren from hers.

Review: The blurb gives the basics…but doesn’t tell how fabulous Nick Red Shield is: quiet, tough, rugged, responsible, compassionate, and dependable. What’s not to like! I think he is one of my new favorite heroes! Lauren chooses to tag along with Nick and hide out as “Joey.” She is likeable, strong and determined. It takes a while for her to fully trust Nick with her secrets although she is pretty quick to be willing to get involved with him. That didn’t seem quite right considering the relationship she just came out of, but if she could fall for anyone so soon, Nick would be the right one! Nick has already stuck his neck out by helping her and taking her home to allow her to invade his quiet single life. By the time danger starts to find Lauren, it is time for her to decide if she can trust Nick to help her get her son away from the mobster father who wants the child primarily as a means to control Lauren.

I really enjoyed the good banter and sensual tension between Nick and Lauren. And there is plenty of suspense and action for them while trying to hide from and then out maneuver Raymond (and a few government authorities along the way!) Nick’s partner Dillon is a nice side kick and the special stud, True Colors, is a great horse! This is a really solid, entertaining and wonderful read!


  1. Martha, thank for adding my link and for commenting. I'll add yours this weekend. Yes, to answer your question, it had to do with J_Kaye's and my own personal challenge I'm behind on. Congrats to you. If you're on Twitter, drop me a note.

  2. Hey Kristen - I am not on Twitter (yet)!! I'll be seeing you at your site though!

  3. Hi Martha!

    I had seen this one somewhere and wondered about it. Thanks for sharing the lovely review. Based on your feedback it sounds like one I'd like to read and going to go add it to Amazon wishlist lol.

    Pam S

  4. Hi Pam - it was a very enjoyable read! The book is hard to get but I am including it in the choices to win at the R&R (Review and Recipe) event at SaSR. You just have to comment there on the review or the recipe!!


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