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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eBook Reading Challenge 2009 Completed!

Martha’s eBook Reading Challenge 2009 (J. Kaye Book Blog #60)
Started in March with the new Kindle2!!

1. Night of Novel Tea by Cindy Green Romantic (eBook) Suspense
2. Captive Angel by Wendy Stone (eBook) Romantic Suspense
3. Said the Spider to the Fly by Miss Mae (eBook) Romantic Suspense
4. It All Began With a Wager by Lora Darling (eBook) Historical romance four Vignettes
5. Breach of Trust by Kimber Chin (eBook) Business/Romantic Suspense
6.. The Mars Imperative by Mark Terrence Chapman (eBook) Science fiction
7. Heart of the Winter Wolf by Dani Harper (eBook) Paranormal/Changling
8. Darlin’ by Jewel Adams (eBook) A Time Travel Sensual Romance
9. Mistaken Identity by Sherry Derr-Willie (eBook) Contemporary Romance
10. Dragon’s Mate by Beth Caudill (eBook) Paranormal/Fantasy/Shapeshifter

Completed in April 2009

YGR (You Gotta Read Reviews) reviews posted at:

BTL (Between the Lines Reviews - WRDF) reviews posted at: (put title in quick search)

11. In The Arms of Danger, Book One of the Series Montana Men by Jaydyn Chelcee (EBook) Contemporary Western Romance
12. Druid's Daughter by Jean Hart Stewart (eBook) Paranormal Romance
13. Something Pumping by Marie Rochelle (EBook) Contemporary BTL
14. The Apology by Zena Wynn (EBook) Contemporary BTL
15. Reluctant Hearts, Book 1: Wounded Warriors Series by Karen Wiesner (eBook) YGR
16. Eleven Hour Fall (Book 1) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Scifi YGR
17. Elemental Crossing (Eleven Hour Fall Book 2) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Scifi YGR
18. It's About Time by Andee S. Davis (eBook) Time Travel YGR
19. Kate of Kratos (eleven Hour Fall Book 3) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Sci fi YGR
20. Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees by Tonya Lapley (eBook) Contemporary YGR
21. Lure of the Emerald Peacock by Romona Hilliger (eBook) Historical YGR
22. It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred by Miss Mae (eBook) Historical Mystery BTL
23. Surviving With Love by Rebecca J. Vickery (eBook) Contemporary Romance BTL
24. Eagle at Midnight by Ava James (eBook) Paranormal
25. The Duende and the Muse by Cate Masters (eBook) Paranormal
26. Traveling Light by Diana Rubino (eBook) Time Travel YGR
27. Love Comes Blindly by Phyllis Campbell (eBook) Historical Romance YGR
28. Where the Ocotillo Blooms by Linda LaRoque (eBook) Contemporary Romance YGR
29. Scales of Love by Kim Watters (eBook short) Contemporary Romance YGR
30. Fragile Dreams by Karen Cogan (eBook) Historical (Civil War) Romance YGR
31. Until It’s Gone - Wounded Warriors Book 5 by Karen Wiesner (eBook) Contemporary Romance YGR
32. Men of Paradise by Kathleen O=Donnell (eBook) Contemporary Romance BTL
33. For the Love of Hattie by Pat Dale (eBook) Contemporary Romance YGR
34. Liv’s Struggle by Dorris Jean (eBook short) Contemporary Romance YGR
35. Shadows of a Southern Moon by Meg Hennessy (eBook) Historical (Civil War) Romance YGR 36. Stella by Colin Galbraith (eBook short) Thriller YGR
37. No Greater Love by K. Bruce Justice (eBook short) Paranormal YGR
38. Children of the Mist by Hywela Lynn (eBook) SciFi YGR
39. Dancing in Time by Violet Rightmire (eBook) Paranormal -Time Travel YGR
40. Eternally His by Carol North (eBook) Paranormal – Ghost YGR


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I have been eying a Kindle for a bit now. I just have not taken the plunge because I am trying to utilize the library for my reads. Plus, I like to read books that my girls read and pass them onto them and vice versa. But boy...the Kindle is tempting. How do you like it?

    BTW: March Upcountry sounds good. How did you like it? The seventh tower series and the seventh sleeper series sound good. I am going to put them onto my TBR list.

  2. Hi Ibeeg!
    I really do like my Kindle... especially since I won it at AuthorIsland and didn't have to pay for it! I am reading alot of my review books as eBooks... so I would say that my reading has changed a little because of the Kindle!

    March Upcountry was very good - you start out disliking the spoiled Prince Roger but he matures as the book goes on. Several good characters and lots of action to keep you interested. I rated it 4.25/5. I listened to this one on Audible and plan to get more of the series!

  3. Way to go on completing this challenge. Doesn't it feel great to check it off your list.

  4. Hi Witch Baby! Thanks for visiting! This one was pretty easy once I got the Kindle2! I find it hard to read pdf and e-Books on the laptop! Just not portable enough!

  5. Hi Martha! Thanks for reading It all Began with a Wager. I hope you enjoyed it!!
    Cheers - Lora Darling :)

  6. Hi Lora! Thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed the book very much! In fact I gave it a 4.75 out of 5 on my rating scale. Sorry I did not do a full review when I read it as I had no forum for posting the reviews then but here are the comments from my Book Reading list!

    It All Began With a Wager - Lora Darling (The Wild Rose Press) (eBook)
    Historical Romance 4.75 Four vignettes of four notorious London rakes as they bet who can seduce certain young ladies but instead each fall to cupids arrows. Very charming!

    I'll be looking for more of your books

  7. ooooh, Thank you!! What a wonderful review!
    As for more books...ALL FOR LOVE was just released on July 1st. It's another historical like Wager. If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy it just as much.
    hugs to you!!
    Lora :)

  8. Way to go! I am finishing up this one too. :)

  9. Hi J. Kaye! Thanks! Are you using an e-reader? I've forgotten what you have. The Kindle made all the difference for me in reading the eBooks!!

  10. Yes, I have a Sony and plan to get a Kindle later this year. Steve said I can get one if all my books are!

  11. All your books gone! AS IF!! Surely he is kidding! (I Hope!) LOL

  12. Nope. I also want to get to a point where I read what I get in immediately. With an eReader, there is no fear of running out of books. This is doable, I think. :)

  13. J. Kaye - I can understand reading as they come in... I am on a 30-45 day max turn around schedule right now with the reviews I have due. Anymore would push out too far. But I don't even get to touch my TBR pile!


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