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Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 100+ Reading Challenge Completed! Post #2

This was the original challenge I joined at J. Kaye Book Blog!
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Continuing the completed list. I started reviewing for You Gotta Read Reviews and Between the Lines (Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction) in May. And, of course now I have this blog (MBS) to post my own reviews here. I have also posted reviews at Amazon and Goodreads and on several Yahoo groups.

Ratings 1-5
RA = Review available may be posted at Amazon or Goodreads

YGR (You Gotta Read Reviews) reviews posted at:

BTL (Between the Lines Reviews - WRDF) reviews posted at: (put title in quick search)

Read MAY 2009 Books 60 - 76

60. In The Arms of Danger, Book One of the Series Montana Men by Jaydyn Chelcee (EBook) Contemporary Western Romance 4.25 RA
61. Druid's Daughter by Jean Hart Stewart (EBook) Paranormal Romance 5 RA
62. Russian Roulette, A Hannibal Jones Thriller by Austin S. Camacho Mystery Thriller 4.75 BTL
63. Beyond a Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning (Audible) 4.5
64. Something Pumping by Marie Rochelle (EBook) Contemporary 2.75 BTL
65. The Apology by Zena Wynn (EBook) Contemporary 3.5 BTL
66. First Degree by David Rosenfelt (Audible) Mystery 4.5
67. Reluctant Hearts, Book 1: Wounded Warriors Series by Karen Wiesner (EBook) 4.5 YGR
68. Eleven Hour Fall (Book 1) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Sci fi 5.0 YGR
69. Elemental Crossing (Eleven Hour Fall Book 2) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Sci fi 4.0 YGR
70. It's About Time by Andee S. Davis (eBook) Time Travel 4.25 YGR
71. Ace of Hearts by Barbara Metzger (Audible) Historical Romance 4.0
72. Kate of Kratos (eleven Hour Fall Book 3) by Robert Appleton (eBook) Sci fi 4.5 YGR
73. Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees by Tonya Lapley (eBook) Contemporary 3.5 YGR
74. Ride a Painted Pony by Kathleen Eagle (PB) Contemporary-Western 4.25
75. Touch the Dark by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer #1) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0
76. Lure of the Emerald Peacock by Romona Hilliger (eBook) Historical 3.75 YGR

Read JUNE 2009 Books 76-94

77. It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred by Miss Mae (eBook) Historical Mystery 5.0 BTL
78. Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer #2) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0
79. Surviving With Love by Rebecca J. Vickery (eBook) Contemporary Romance 5.0 BTL
80. Eagle at Midnight by Ava James (eBook) Paranormal 3.0
81. The Duende and the Muse by Cate Masters (eBook) Paranormal 3.25
82. Traveling Light by Diana Rubino (eBook) Time Travel 3.75 YGR
83. Love Comes Blindly by Phyllis Campbell (eBook) Historical Romance 3.75 YGR
84. Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris (Sookie #9) (Audible) Paranormal 4.25
85. Where the Ocotillo Blooms by Linda LaRoque (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.5 YGR
86. Scales of Love by Kim Watters (eBook short) Contemporary Romance 4.0 YGR
87. Fragile Dreams by Karen Cogan (eBook) Historical (Civil War) Romance 4.0 YGR
88. Until It’s Gone - Wounded Warriors Book 5 by Karen Wiesner (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.25 YGR
89. Men of Paradise by Kathleen O=Donnell (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.0 BTL
90. The Lost Fleet - Dauntless by Jack Campbell (Audible) Sci-Fi 4.0
91. Right on The Money by Pat Robertson (Audio CD) Financial Resource 4.0 YGR
92. For the Love of Hattie by Pat Dale (eBook) Contemporary Romance 3.75 YGR
93. Liv’s Struggle by Dorris Jean (eBook short) Contemporary Romance 3.75 YGR
94. Shadows of a Southern Moon by Meg Hennessy (eBook) Historical (Civil War) Romance 5.0 YGR

Read JULY 2009 Books 95-
MBS = Martha's Bookshelf Blog!

95. Stella by Colin Galbraith (eBook short) Thriller 3.75 YGR
96. No Greater Love by K. Bruce Justice (eBook short) Paranormal 3.75 YGR
97. Embrace the Night by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer # 3) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0
98. Never Seduce A Scoundrel by Sabrina Jeffries (Heiresses Book #1) Historical Romance 4.0
99. Children of the Mist by Hywela Lynn (eBook) SciFi 4.5 YGR
100. Dancing in Time by Violet Rightmire (eBook) Paranormal -Time Travel 4.5 YGR
101. Don’t Bargain with the Devil by Sabrina Jeffries (Heiresses Book #5) Historical Romance 5.0
102. March Upcountry by David Weber and John Ringo (Audible) Sci Fi 4.25
103. Eternally His by Carol North (eBook) Paranormal – Ghost 4.5 YGR
104. Blind Fortune by Joanna Waugh Historical Romance 4.75 at SaSR and MBS
105. The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison (The Hallows #6) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0

To be updated at the end of each month!


  1. Oh my gosh! You are awesome! You go. :)

  2. J. Kaye - it is fun to have others to do the challenge with! We get to encourage each other and learn about different books!! So a big thanks to you as Hostess!! *G* Martha


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