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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review for Blind Fortune

I have posted my review at SaSR Group. But for those who are not members there here is the review! It is a wonderful book!

Title: Blind Fortune
Author: Joanna Waugh
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Buy Link:

Rating: You NEED to Read (4.75 of 5)

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Blurb: They say love is blind, but Lady Fortuna Morley doesn’t believe it. Sightless since birth, she can think of only one reason a gentleman would wed her—for the dowry and three thousand a year her father will provide. She’s in London the spring of 1814 to help launch her younger cousin into society, but prefers living quietly in country. The last thing Fortuna wishes is to cross swords with the arrogant Marquess of Granville.

Charles Lowden, Lord Granville, has decided to take a wife. The bride he’s chosen is thirteen years his junior, but meets all criteria. What he won’t abide is interference from the girl’s impertinent cousin, the outspoken and opinionated Lady Fortuna Morley. The woman is determined to thwart the match. Charles is just as determined to charm Fortuna out of her disdain for him.

What neither expects in the ensuing battle of wills is to fall in love.

Review: This is an exceptionally well written romance. The characters are rich and complex and the special plot is grounded in accurate historical detail.

Lady Fortuna is blind but very spirited! She wants to be independent but doesn’t fully realize how dependent she is in her circumstances. Charles appears initially as a too handsome, cold and arrogant chauvinist. As the story progresses you learn why he shields himself and stands aloof. You also discover that he can be more perceptive and caring than those who have sheltered Fortuna for years!

When Charles sets his sights on Fortuna’s cousin she is convinced first that it would be a terrible, cold match for Juliana. The more she interacts with Charles, trying to hinder the pair, the more she realizes that the immature and self-centered Juliana would cause terrible marriage for the serious and intelligent Charles. Meanwhile Charles thinks that Fortuna is absolutely selfish and a shrewish “Kate” as in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. In his determination to obstruct her interference he doesn’t even see the self absorbed, shallowness of young Juliana, nor his own attraction to Fortuna!

When Charles finally recognizes Fortuna’s fears he realizes that her family has handicapped her more than helped her. Charles realizes that he can help Fortuna find freedom with his strengths. But Fortuna is convinced that she is just a passing flirtation and that Charles will still marry Juliana.
Even though I did not initially like Charles’ character, my early impressions were that there are “jewels” in this book! I loved how this story deals with the difficulties and struggles, physically and emotionally, that Fortuna’s blindness causes, as well as showing the different senses that are enhanced because of her disability. It is emotionally touching to read the ways that Charles finds to help her. These flawed characters are less than perfect which makes them more “human” and real! It was a lovely journey to watch the initial antagonism and snipping slowly turn to a type of friendship, and then to a surprising sensual awareness between them. This is a beautiful, poignant story of “hate” turning to “love”. Read this book and experience the richness!


  1. Thanks so much Martha, for the wonderful review. If your readers would like to check out some excerpts from BLIND FORTUNE, they can go to my website at and click on "Joanna's Books."

  2. Good suggestion Joanna! Thanks for the link!


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