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Saturday, July 18, 2009


As I send off an announcement about my blog I wanted to include here a BIG THANK YOU to many who have encouraged my reading (well that didn't need much encouraging actually *G*) reviewing (it was only a little scary at first) and now my blog!

Thank you to J. Kaye from J. Kaye's Book Blog who has been a big inspiration to me over the past six months! Her blog is a great place to visit! J. Kaye even found my blog site before I announced it when she learned I was working on setting it up this weekend! Thanks for being a fun cyber friend!

Thanks to my fellow moderators at SweetandSensualRomances [now SweettoSensual Romances] and SaSR Promo group because you ladies have supported my efforts and encouraged me! Thanks Carol, Merle, Rebecca and Sarah! I love hanging out with you!

Thank you to DeNita at AuthorIsland where I started visiting in March 2008! I won many books there, mostly pdfs. Then I won the Christmas 2008 Kindle contest and so received a Kindle2 in March this year! That allowed me to start reading all the pdfs and reviewing eBooks!

Thank you to the review sites I started with in May. YouGottaRead and fellow reviewers there have given me a lot of encouragement for the reviewing besides being crazy fun - thanks friends! And thanks to Lynda of BetweenTheLines at WRDF (Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction) for allowing me to review there as well. I am enjoying the experiences!
Finally Thank you to the many authors I have met this past year who have been SO nice to me and also encouraged my reviewing. All of the authors I have met online and some in person (at RT Bookfair in Orlando) have been absolutely lovely people. Without your writing talents and work my life would be very dry! You all keep writing and I will keep on reading and reviewing!

I have not yet linked to many of my author friends so please don't feel slighted if you aren't linked yet! I will keep adding as this week progresses! Some of your sites are listed in my full profile for blogs I follow. If you visit me and want to make it really easy - feel free to send me your link!


  1. Congratulations on setting up your blog. Looking good! :)


  2. Congratulations, Martha. I brought cyber-champagne and a bouquet of daisies to the party. :) [hic] Uh, well for some reason, the champagne seemed to have disappeared along the way. Must have been a leaky bottle.

  3. Everything here looks great. I'm so exicted for you and glad to check this. Adding you to my "following" list. :)

  4. Well, hi, Martha!

    This looks SOUPER!! LOL...

    Glad you finally went out "and just did it"! LOL


  5. {{{HUGS}}}

    We are so thrilled to have you blogging. :)

  6. Hi Martha, Congrats on your new blog!! Lookin' good :)!

    Pam S

  7. Hi Martha! So looking forward to your chats here on books and everything with life! It looks fab here! I too added in you as a Google friend and will be visiting often!

  8. Karen - thank you!
    Pam P - thanks for coming by and following!
    Jacquie - Ohh Thanks for the flowers! Drat - what a shame that bottle leaked! LOL
    EA - thank you for the extra excitement and following!
    Miss Mae - glad to see you here too! You're right - I had to just "do it!"
    J. Kaye - thanks for the hugs! We can just keep passing hugs back and forth and won't that be fun! *G*
    Pam S - thanks for your congrats and for following!
    Caffey - thank you and I'll look forward to seeing you often!

  9. Congrats, Martha! Have fun blogging.

    We have a friend in common, Sarah Simas. She's in my RWA chapter here in Fresno!

    I'm following you!

    Sending good vibes your way. See ya back at Wenches!

  10. Hi Sandy! We'll both have to say Hi to Sarah! Ha! Thanks for the good vibes - always appreciated!


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