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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Audible Book Review: Departure by A.G. Riddle

I liked this engaging time travel suspense.
By: A.G. Riddle
Narrated by: Nicola Barber, Scott Aiello

Departure  By  cover art

Length: 10 hrs and 10 mins
Release date: 02-17-15
Publisher: Audible Studios
Genre: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Technothriller, Time Travel
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.25; Narration 4.5.

Publisher's Summary
En route to London from New York, Flight 305 suddenly loses power and crash-lands in the English countryside, plunging a group of strangers into a mysterious adventure that will have repercussions for all of humankind.
Struggling to stay alive, the survivors soon realize that the world they've crashed in is very different from the one they left. But where are they? Why are they here? And how will they get back home?
Five passengers seem to hold clues about what's really going on: writer Harper Lane, venture capitalist Nick Stone, German genetic researcher Sabrina Schröder, computer scientist Yul Tan, and Grayson Shaw - the son of a billionaire philanthropist.
As more facts about the crash emerge, it becomes clear that some in this group know more than they're letting on - answers that will lead Harper and Nick to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy involving their own lives. As they begin to piece together the truth, they discover they have the power to change the future and the past - to save our world...or end it.
To read an epilogue to Departure and access other bonus material, go to
©2014 A.G. Riddle (P)2014 Audible Inc.

Harper is a writer who has been offered a contract to do an important biography. She is flying home from the interview and trying to decide if she should take this lucrative offer or turn her energies to her fiction writing. Near her in first class seating is a drunken, obnoxious man, Grayson Shaw, the son of the man she may write about. When Grayson gets too rowdy with an attendant, another passenger, Nick Stone, tries to calm him down. While they are in conflict the plane suddenly lunges, and quickly crashes.

Nick, a confident venture capitalist, takes charge at the crash scene where many of the passengers in the front have survived. He enlists a doctor, Sabrina, to help with the injured. Meanwhile, one man, later identified as computer scientist Yul Tan, remains in his seat fiercely working on his computer. The survivors soon realize that the rear half of the plane has fallen into a nearby lake and is in danger of sinking.

This group of five primary characters have an interwoven past that they aren’t aware. When a current day conflict involves them, they begin to question what is really going on.

I had some frustration with the stubbornness and opposition of characters who were supposed to be altruistic visionaries. Still, their behaviors created the conflict that fueled the tension among the characters. I enjoyed the suspense and time travel elements. There was also a small, but nice element of romance. The story is told in alternating views by Harper and Nick. The reading moved along at a quick pace. All together the plot and action made for an entertaining reading/listening. I recommend this to readers who enjoy time travel and suspense.

Audio Notes:
I enjoyed the dual narration by Nicola Barber and Scott Aiello. They managed to portray the character personalities through their voices. The narration enhance my reading experience.

Source: Audible Two for One Credit Sale 10/31/2020. This qualifies for 2021TBR, 2021Audiobook an 2021Alphabet Audio goals.

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