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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Words of Encouragement January 15, 2017

This morning we had another good Sunday School lesson (Opportunities to Glorify God) which I will share another day. Our worship service started with lovely praise and worship.

We had a guest missionary, Jeff Knight, speak to us. Jeff and his wife, Angie, are a couple who were members of our church until about five years ago. At that time, they started moving toward the mission field with multiple mission trips to Bolivia. Now they are full time missionaries and will be returning to Bolivia once Angie completes chemo and radiation for breast cancer. They are showing great faith in God as they push through this physical setback. Although they might question “Why?”, instead they have seen God’s hand in this as they get to witness with Angie’s doctors and other patients during treatment!

Jeff shared how they set off to build a church in a small community in Bolivia. The town is 60 years behind what we are used to. They still use horse and buggy – no cars. Families live in small, one or two room, houses. They were worshiping outside in a lot. When the team began building the church, Jeff and Angie noticed a school next door, beyond the wall. Jeff and an interpreter went next door to ask the principal if they could speak with the children. The principal was a believer and agreed. Now the ministry has built four churches and held crusades to reach children in many local schools. As part of the ministry they deliver gospel bracelets and New Testament Bibles in Spanish to each student.

Jeff shared the experience of a 13-year-old girl who was raped at age 12 and now has a baby of her own. The girl lives with her mother and the baby, named Genesis, for ‘new beginning’. The young lady wanted to return to school but was unable to as long as she had the financial responsibilities of her home. The members of the ministry team made their own financial commitment to help cover financial needs for this family so the girl could return to school. They have set this up as The Genesis Project and now they support other students who make the choice and commit to meet the grade requirements.

A local ten-year-old is making the gospel bracelets; a local church sewing group is making dresses for the school girls. This is such a beautiful work and everyone can participate. Some are called and sent to the field, some are called to give financial support and some are called to pray. We all can share in the mission work, as God has directed His followers!

Jeff played a video of the Bolivia children which had "I Give Myself Away" as the background.
I decided that was a perfect song today.
A Verse for Today:
Mark 16:15
15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Lord, help me do my part by prayer and financial support and showing your love in my daily life style.

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