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Monday, January 2, 2017

MBS - 2016 Audiobook Challenge Completed

2016 Audiobook Challenge
My goal was MARATHONER which is over 50 so I met that goal.
(I did not get to my hoped for point of 75 as I was 5 short at 70.)
  1. (TBR) Audible Book Reviews: Three X Minus One #VintageSciFi Stories; Vintage Sci Fi; my ratings 4.5, 4.25 and 4.25.
  2. (TBR) Audible Book Review and #Giveaway: Time Heist: Firstborn Saga Volume 1 by #Anthony Vicino; Sci Fi, Mystery; my rating 4.5.
  3. (TBR) Audio Book Review: Buster: The Military Dog Who Saved a Thousand Lives by Will Barrow, Isabel George; Personal Memoir; my rating 4.25.
  4. (TBR) Audible Book Review: The Very First D**ned Thing: An Author-Read Audio Exclusive by Jodi Taylor; Fantasy; my rating 4.5.
  5. (TBR) Audible Book Review: To Live Forever by Jack Vance; Vintage Sci Fi; my rating 4.0.
  6. (TBR) The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein; Sci Fi, Vintage; my rating 5.0.
  7. (ABJ) Audible Book Review: Singular by David F. Porteous; Sci Fi, Thriller; my rating 4.25.
  8. (ABB) Audible Book Review: Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance by Michael G. Thomas; Sci Fi, Space Adventure; my rating 4.25.
  9. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Classic Love Poems by William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth, Barrett Browning and others; Poetry; my rating 5.0.
  10. (ABJ) Audible Book Review: The Last Drop: The Last Drop, Book 1 by Andrea Perno; Fantasy, Young Adult; my rating 4.0.
  11. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Reunion in Death: In Death, Book 14, by J.D. Robb; Mystery Thriller, Modern Detective; my rating 4.5.
  12. (ABB) Audio Book Review: Defects: The Reverians, Volume 1 by Sarah Noffke; YA, Dystopian; my rating 4.0.
  13. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Agenda 21: Into the Shadows by Glenn Beck ; Christian, Sci Fi, Dystopian; my rating 4.25.
  14. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Straits of Hell: Destroyermen, Book 10 by Taylor Anderson; Sci Fi, Alternate History; my rating 5.0.
  15. (ABB) Audible Review: Good Morning... Processes Must Be Improved by Ray Jay Perreault; Sci Fi, Short Story; my rating 4.0.
  16. (New) Audible Book Review: Good Fences: A Scorched Earth Novel by Boyd Craven III; Sci Fi, Post-Apocalyptic; my rating 4.5.
  17. (ABB) Audio Book Review: Northern Lights: A Scorched Earth Novel by Boyd Craven III; Sci Fi, Post-Apocalyptic; my rating 4.5.
  18. (ABJ) Audible Book Review: Derelict by LJ Cohen; Sci Fi, YA; my rating 4.0.
  19. (New) Audible Book Review: Fire Touched: Mercy Thompson Series, Book 9, by Patricia Briggs; Paranormal, Urban Fantasy; my rating 4.25.
  20. (ABJ) Audible Book Review: Dream Kisses: Romance on the Ranch Series Book 1 by Verna Clay; Contemporary Romance; my rating 4.25.
  21. (ABB) Audible Book Review: Redfall: Fight for Survival: American Prepper Series, Book 1, by Jay J. Falconer; Sci Fi, Dystopian; my rating 4.25.
  22. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Variant by Robison Wells; Sci Fi, Teens; my rating 3.75.
  23. (Author) Audio Book Review: Bad Deeds by Robert Bidinotto; Thriller, Espionage; my rating 4.5.
  24. (Narrator) Audio Book Review: Dark Sanity by Paul L. Centeno; Sci Fi, Steampunk; my rating 4.5.
  25. (TBR)--Audible Book Review: Professional Integrity (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) by Michael J. Sullivan; Sci Fi, Fantasy; my rating 5.0.
  26. (Narrator) Audio Book Review: In the Mist of Killarney: An Irish Faery Tale by Robert McCallum ; Fantasy; my rating 4.0.
  27. (ABJ) Audio Book Review: Pack: A Paranormal Romance Novelette by Jeaniene Frost; Paranormal Romance; my rating 4.0.
  28. (TBR) Audible Book Review: The Jewel of Dantenos: The FREE Lee Starfinder Adventure by Brian D. Anderson ; Fantasy, Adventure; my rating 4.25.
  29. (Author) Audio Book Review: Redfall: Freedom Fighters: American Prepper Series, Book 2 by Jay J. Falconer; Sci Fi; my rating 4.25.
  30. (ABB) Audio Book Review: Making Amends by Melinda Clayton; Suspense, Drama; my rating 4.25.
  31. (TBR) Audible Book Review: Old Man's War by John Scalzi; Sci Fi, Military Sci Fi; my rating 4.5.
  32. (A2016) Audible Book Review: Enforcing Home: The Survivalist Series, Book 6 by A. American; Post Apocalyptic, Sci Fi; my rating 4.25.
  33. (ABB) Audio Book Review: The Arrival: The Evaran Chronicles Prequel by Adair Hart; Sci Fi; my rating 4.5.
  34. (Author) Audible Book Review: Burning Bright: Ivy Granger Book 3 by E.J. Stevens; Detective, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy; my rating 4.0.
  35. (Author) Audible Book Review: Birthright: Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective, Book 4 by E.J. Stevens Detective, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy; my rating 4.25.
  36. (ABB) Audible Book Review: Dangerous and Unseemly: A Concordia Wells Mystery, Book 1 by K.B. Owen; Historical, Mystery, Amateur Woman Sleuth; my rating 4.25.
  37. (ABJ) Audible Book Review: Beware the Little White Rabbit Anthology; Sci Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk; my rating 4.5.
  38. (Narrator) Audible Book Review: The Pit Stop: This Stop Could Be Life or Death by Carmen DeSousa; Mystery, Paranormal; my rating 4.25.
  39. (ABJ) Audio Book Review: Desolation by M.L. Banner; Post Apocalyptic, Sci Fi; my rating 4.25.
  40. (ABB) Audio Book Review: The Christmas Kitten: A Polly Parrett Pet-Sitter Cozy Murder Mystery, Book 2 by Liz Dodwell; Cozy Mystery; my rating 4.25.
  41. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: Daemon by Daniel Suarez; Sci Fi, Techno Thriller; my rating 4.5.
  42.  (A2016) Audible Book Review: Burning Nation: Book 2 of Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy; Dystopian, Sci Fi, YA; my rating 4.0.
  43. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: For Honor We Stand: Man of War, Book 2 by H. Paul Honsinger; Sci Fi, Military Space Opera; my rating 4.5
  44. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti; Inspiration, Religious, Suspense; my rating 4.25.
  45. (Narrator) Audio Book Review: Deceitful Moon: Manny Williams Series, Book 2 by Rick Murcer; Forensic Mystery Thriller; my rating 4.5.
  46. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand; Biography, memoir, WWII; my rating 5.0.
  47. (Narrator) Audio Book Review: Unseemly Pursuits: The Concordia Wells Mysteries Book 2 by K.B. Owen; Historical, mystery; my rating 4.5.
  48. (ABB) Audio Book Review: Apocalypse Machine by Jeremy Robinson; Sci Fi, EOTW Thriller; my rating 4.5.
  49. (ABB) Audio Book Review: Tarah Woodblade: The Bowl of Souls Book 6 by Trevor H. Cooley; Epic Fantasy; my rating 4.5.
  50. (ABB) Audiobook Review: Mistletoe Mayhem: Dawson Chronicles, Book 1 by Linda Bridey; Historical Romance; my rating 3.75.
  51. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: Grave Surprise: Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book 2 by Charlaine Harris; Mystery, Paranormal; my rating 4.25.
  52. (ABJ) Audio Book Review: Haraken: A Silver Ships Novel by S. H. Jucha; Sci Fi, Space Opera; my rating 4.75.
  53. (ATBR) Audible Book Review: Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips; Contemporary Romance; my rating 4.5.
  54. ATBR-- Audible Book Review: FREE: Summer Farmer: A Story from White Man's Problems by Kevin Morris; Short Story, Fiction; my rating 4.0.
  55. ATBR--Audible Book Review: Lost in a Good Book: A Thursday Next Novel by Jasper Fforde; Alternate History; my rating 4.5.
  56. ABJ--Audio Book Review: Loreena's Gift by Colleen M. Story; Inspirational, Fantasy; my rating 4.25.
  57. ATBR--Audible Book Review: What Happens in London by Julia Quinn; Regency Historical Romance; my rating 4.5.
  58. ATBR--Audible Book Review: Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips; Contemporary Romance; my rating 4.0.
  59. ABB--Audio Book Review: The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz; Christian, Historical Romance, American Revolution; my rating 4.5.
  60. ABJ--Audio Book Review: Five Minutes Alone by Paul Cleave; Crime Thriller, Suspense; my rating 4.5.
  61. ATBR--Audible Book Review: Monster Hunter Legion: Monster Hunter, Book 4 by Larry Correia; Sci Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy; my rating 4.5.
  62. ABJ--Audio Book Review: Only Ever You by Rebecca Drake; Mystery, Suspense, Thriller; my rating 4.5.
  63. ATBR--Audible Book Review: Swarm: Star Force, Book 1, by B. V. Larson; Sci Fi; my rating 4.0.
  64. A-TBR-- Audible Book Review: The Synchronicity War, Part 1 by Dietmar Wehr; Sci Fi, Military; my rating 4.0.
  65. A-TBR-- Goodreads Audible Book Review: The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey, #1) by Richard Paul Evans; Action, Fantasy, Teen; my rating 4.0.
  66. ABB-Narrator-- Audible Book Review: The Great Martian War: Invasion by Scott Washburn; Sci Fi, Alternate History; my rating 4.25.
  67. ATBR-- Goodreads Audible Book Review: A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell, #1) by Deanna Rayborrn; Historical Romance; my rating 3.75.
  68. ATBR--Audible Book Review: A Christmas Carol: A Signature Performance by Tim Curry; Classic, British Literature, Christmas; my rating 5.0.
  69. ATBR--Audible Review: The Chimes by Charles Dickens; Classic, Holiday; my rating 4.5.
  70. ATBR--Audible Book Review at Goodreads: In the Event of My Death by Michele Hauf (Goodreads Author), Debbie Irwin (Narrator); Mystery; my rating 4.0.
  71. ATBR-- hGoodreads Audible Book Review: The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1) (Abridged) by Robert Jordan; Epic Fantasy; my rating 3.00.
37 Through June.
53 Through September.
(Obviously lost track after that.)

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  1. Thank you for reading / listening to The Pit Stop (This Stop Could be Life or Death) #37. I'm honored you enjoyed my mini mystery.


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