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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review and Feature: What's In My Pocket and Who Stole My Homework by Todd Key, Illustrated by Steve Ryder

This is a review and feature resulting from a gift by a talented entertainer and author.
Last month we spent a fun weekend at DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park. Friday and Saturday nights during October they have a special event called Tomb of the Risen Dead. The event included a haunted cavern tour, a haunted maze, costumed characters and a juggling act. The juggler, Todd Key, did a great job and incorporated children, including our grandson, into the act. We got to visit with Todd and after the second night he surprised our granddaughters and grandson by giving them a copy of his books. (And that was before I told him I was a reviewer!)
Our grandchildren with Todd the Juggler.
Our older granddaughter, who is 7,  rushed back to the RV to read her book. She read it to her mother and me. When she finished she read it again... and again. And then asked me to read it to her.
Clearly she loved the book and we found it entertaining too.
What's in My Pocket?
by Todd Key and illustrator Steve Ryder
Publisher: Toddkeybooks; 1st edition (2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0615360799
"What's in My Pocket" is the delightful, creative, and funny tale about the simple, strange, and completely BIZARRE items that Darius McDougal McDirty McBean pulls from his pocket before giving his pants to his Mom for washing. It's not a big deal when some coins, a rock, and a magnet come out of his pocket, but when Darius digs deeper he starts impossibly pulling out animals, people, and finally a dinosaur. How will Darius explain all of this to his Mom? Find out by reading this book.

Who Stole My Homework?
by Todd Key and illustrator Steve Ryder

Who Stole My Homework? tells a new tale in Darius' life.
The BIG school project is due - the one that counts for half of the semester grade. Darius is riding to school on the bus and discovers his "finished" project is missing! "Someone must have STOLEN IT." But who....?

These books are written in rhyme which captivates young minds... and older ones too. Darius McDougal McDirty McBean is a young, active boy with an active imagination. His mother wants to wash his jeans and reminds him to empty his pockets. He starts with little things, like coins, a rock and a magnet. But then he progresses to larger and larger items that certainly would not fit in a pocket but make for great fun, giggles and smiles. The wording is perfect level reading for young readers or for parents to read to the younger crowd who haven't started reading yet. And the illustrations are perfectly loud and full of details to discover on  multiple readings.

Book two finds Darius panicking when he can't find his special homework project. He knows he did the work but can't remember where it is.

"My homework was MISSING!
It's gone! It's been took!
But how do I find it?
Where do I look?"

"Perhaps it was MOLE-MEN
Digging up through the ground.
They snatched up my work
Without making a sound.

Then they burrowed back down
To the core of the planet,
Engraving my writings
On great walls of granite."

I wish I had the books in front of me so I could share a verse from the first book. Still, you get a flavor from the verses above. If you have young ones at home I recommend these books for fun family reading entertainment.

Thank you Todd for making a special weekend even more fun and memorable. I believe that my grand kids will think of you and the fun time they had whenever they enjoy your fun books.

Todd spins a ball with our two older grandchildren.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I think my son would like these, especially the first one because of the dinosaur.


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