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Friday, June 19, 2015

Book Review: Fortune's Detour: Prequel of The Deka Series by Abigail Schwaig

This is an engaging sci fi with interesting characters in a strange new world.
by Abigail Schwaig
  • File Size: 3291 KB
  • Print Length: 290 pages
  • Publication Date: October 21, 2014
  • ASIN: B00OSG37SE
Genre: Sci Fi
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: October 21, 2014 | Age Level: 10 - 18
Meet Natalie Pryce- an artist at heart, constantly misunderstood by most of the people she knows. She has changed her career aspirations more times than she can count and feels like a grand failure at life. She is directionless until accidentally falling into an exciting relationship with David, a charming and expressive young man who is more than willing to live moment to moment with her. Life starts looking up, until, just her luck, disaster strikes, secrets are revealed, and Natalie is forced to flee for her life.
If you are tired of young adult novels having unrealistic expectations for true love and if you want to explore a new galaxy set in the elusive Deka Quadrant, then you’ll enjoy this first installment about the mysterious Deka region of space.
Fortune’s Detour was meant to be a prequel to the up and coming sci-fi series. It should serve as both an entertaining read and a preparatory journey from “summer reading list” to “it happened in a galaxy far, far away.”
So prop your feet up, brew a hot mug of Nib juice (make sure those pesky nuts have been properly prepared first!), and sit back and enjoy the first of The Deka Series.

Natalie is a young woman in college with an artistic nature. She changes her major every few months to the consternation of her parents. One summer she meets a gorgeous and charming young man, David, who sweeps her off her feet. They have a wonderful summer romance until secrets tumble around her putting her in danger. When she seeks assistance from the authorities she meets Sam who guides her into witness protection. Natalie, now Nicki-Ray, and Sam travel to a distant safe house. During their trip they have an interesting conversation regarding creation beliefs in their world.

The author has created an interesting world with mysterious features and good contrast between country and city scapes. I enjoyed the bright descriptive word choices and the likable and engaging characters. The story is written in first person as Natalie describes the last year or so of her topsy turvy life. The pacing moves along well with life details spiced with action. However there were a couple of sections that made me wince. Natalie meets a strange man at the beach and has no qualms bringing him home without knowing anything more than his name. Even for a college girl that is a bit alarming. I also thought that the semi-religious conversation was rather odd. I happened to enjoy it quite a bit but not every reader will be comfortable with that dialogue as a bridge between action scenes. There were some interesting details I initially thought were to be explained in future stories but by the ending it appeared they were just loose details that had no real connection.

I am not sure why the age level was chosen as 10-18. I think younger readers would get lost in the philosophical discussions and the story is engaging for adults.

Even in an other world setting the story has a natural realism and an engaging plot. This is a good debut novel although I think the author has room to learn to tighten her details and action. I am comfortable recommending this book to readers who enjoy a character driven fiction with an unusual setting and engaging plot.

I received this from the Author whom I met at EPICon 2015. She provided the ebook for an honest review.

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  1. I will have to give this story a try, it sounds very interesting.


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