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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Words of Encouragement December 28, 2014

We had a short communion service today to prepare for 2015. Pastor asked us to remember, as we prepare for a new year, that God gives us strength for all our days. Deut 33:25. Pastor then described “Good Riddance Day” which he heard was being celebrated in New York. People are to write up a list of things they don't want to carry into 2015. Pastor asked us to write such things on prayer cards. The question being: What regrets, disappointments or bad habits do you want to put behind you, leaving them in 2014 and starting with a fresh slate? Also, he reminded us that, if we are like 80% of any crowd, we are among those who have someone to forgive. He encouraged us to do it now.

This is one of the songs from our Christmas Cantata.
I find it a nice song to finish this Christmas week of music sharing.
Bethlehem Calls
by NewSong
A Verse for Today:
Deuteronomy 33:25 NIV
25 The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze,
and your strength will equal your days.

God, I seek you guidance and continued blessing as we prepare for another new year. Help me especially to do your Will and to spread the word of Your good deeds and Your gospel of salvation and grace.

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  1. I needed to read this Sunday Words of Encouragement. I will try my best but right now to much arguing going on between my family dealing with my mother is dying and can go anyday.


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