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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book Review: We Are The Destroyers (We Are***Are We Book 1) by D. K. Lindler

This is a engaging book that provokes some thought of society behaviors.
We Are The Destroyers (We Are***Are We Book 1) 
by D. K. Lindler
  • Series: We Are***Are We
  • Paperback: 428 pages
  • Publisher: First Life Publishing; 1 edition (August 22, 2014)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991509027
Genre: Science Fiction
My rating: 3.75 of  5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: September 15, 2014
Captain Bel’lar can’t accept that he’s lived all this before.
Overconsumption is destroying his home planet, and synthetic foods are turning his people into degenerated mutants under the control of the Brotherhood of Syn. As one of the few remaining but persecuted Organs—those who still live the organic lifestyle—Bel’lar and his small crew must escape from their dying world to the semi-mythical blue-white planet. They are to discover if it is really what the prophecies say it is: a place for humanity to make a new beginning.
But the visions of his beautiful companion Ry Sing, a mystic and seer shake Bel’lar. She tells him that eons ago, Bel’lar was also faced with the burden of saving his people from their own greed. Only then he was the Great One, the sacred head of their religion. He had seen no other way to liberate them from their collision course with environmental destruction and spiritual degradation than to purify the planet in a great cataclysm… But could the horrible vision be true? Could he really have done such a thing? And what about the scriptures that predict that a man with a mark like his would be fated to purify a corrupted planet once again and free the souls?
As Bel’lar, Ry Sing and the rest of the elite team embark on their mission to save mankind, the truth of the vision begins to reveal itself, and Bel’lar’s destiny is set before him. But will he be able to avoid it this time? Or is he fated to live the vision once again?

A small crew narrowly escapes protestors on their home planet to head out to space in search of a mythical planet. Captain Bel’lar and his mixed crew are in danger because they are among the few Organs - those who live an organic lifestyle - left on their world. Most of the people have become bloated and bald beings know as Syn, short for Synthetics. They have lived on synthetic foods and drugs for so long that their bodies have mutated. The Syns are controlled by the leaders through a mixture of mind controlling drugs and a strange ‘religion’ that encourages overconsumption (food, drugs, pleasures) to the point of death.

Bel’lar considers himself a warrior with the mission of finding a new planet where some of his home people, those who can be saved, can re-colonize. The crew with Bel’lar includes unique and interesting characters, including the ship, Light Traveler (LT). Ry Sing is a free-spirited beautiful woman with mystic skills. She can see the past and a little of the future. As the trip continues her skills to move through time and objects increases bringing her delight but causing jealousy and consternation to Bel’lar.

The crew are seeking a Blue-White planet which they believe is similar to their home and capable of sustaining human life. They find the planet but proceed beyond it first to find the pyramid resting place of the Holy Men who are connected to the Blue-White planet. They finally land on the Blue-White planet where Ry Sing wanders off feeling she must seek her destiny. She encounters another group of space travelers who have hidden from Light Traveler to observe.

There is a substory of the interaction between the two crews that adds interest. Then LT and crew return to the home planet. They are not sure of their welcome especially when they realize that the time difference is 350 years! The travelers find their home people worse than when they left. The governing group is known as the Quasars who are really organs but they wear suits to make them appear to be Syns. The manipulation of the Syns is even more complete and Organs are rare and likely to be killed. 

There are action scenes and philosophical discussions that are interesting in this book. Clearly the author raises issues of ecological concerns where all of the resources are consumed and where synthetics are harmful but the people don’t object as they are led into slow destruction. I found the mystical and reincarnation themes a little more difficult to enjoy. Also I found Bel’Lar to be a difficult character as he is prone to be closed minded, controlling, jealous and violent. Not qualities of a good leader (nor holy man) in my opinion.

The book was entertaining although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting - or perhaps didn’t go where I thought it might. At times I had trouble deciding where the author was going or what point was being made. This may have been a result of the author including so many interrelationships as well as social statements in one book. I think readers who like to ponder ecological and philosophical questions of society would enjoy this and find it engaging.

I received this book from the Cadence Group for an honest review.

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