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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sharing Beyond Books #179 Comment Giveaway 11/29/2014

Hello again on Saturday night and Welcome to Sharing Beyond Books, SBB!

We  had a lovely Thanksgiving lunch with my hubby cooking too much as always. A great turkey, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, baked brussel sprouts, cauliflower with cheese sauce, carrots and home baked honey oat bread. All that and there were only seven of us. :-)  The kids got to take home most of the left overs.

Thanks to everyone who commented last week.
Only two out of fifteen are not guilty of cover 'snobbery'! Several mentioned that they almost missed good stories and series which had bad covers and others said they would still buy their fav author's titles even with bad covers.


The Winner from SBB #178 comments is: #1 MaryP who can make a GC choice if international or book choice from the ARC/Review titles, Christmas titles or Love titles - all linked near the end of the post.  Please let me know your choice by completing the (new) WINNER FORM.

WEEK #179 (One Question.)

Q1. My question to start December:  Do you watch Hallmark/Christmas/ Holiday movies?? Do you have a Favorite?
A: We watch and tape MANY Hallmark movies. They are some of our favorites even though it might seem like overkill. It's a good thing these movies suit my sensitive hubby. :-)  My DH says his favorite is the original Christmas Carol. I like several - hard to pick one but I do like The Very Merry Mix-Up, The Christmas Card and I really liked When Angels Come to Town which I saw for the first time last week. It really focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.
Image found at Lasso the Moon.

Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask. Input suggestions in this Suggested Question Form. At the end of each month I draw from the suggestions I used during the month and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions. Thanks for sending in questions! We still have a supply of questions but from the same people so hopefully others will send more in -- even if they are duplicates I'll weed through or try to modify to use.

Comments for November were contributed by Marjorie, bn100, nrlymrtl and Jess1: Winner: #3 nrlymrtl

Your turn to share:

Q1. Do you watch Hallmark/Christmas/ Holiday movies?? Do you have a Favorite?

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the Valentine and "Love" books, the Christmas Giveaway Books (this is the new link), or the June 2013 Newly Updated ARC/Review List.

SBB Rules:
a) Must be a follower.
b) Share a comment on either of the two questions above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.
I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made through Saturday December 6, 2014 at 5 PM  central.


  1. Thank you.

    We always love watching THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL each year. Sort of a family tradition.

  2. We switched cable companies a few months ago and realized The Hallmark Channel isn't part of their offerings (what?!!). I bought the Cedar Cove new season on iTunes but can't figure out how to see the Christmas movies. Guess I'll have to check out other channels to see if they feature Christmas movies.
    I really liked The Christmas Card, and many others on THC.

  3. I watch some of the Hallmark movies - can't remember the names of any favorites but I like their "feel good" themes around the holidays

  4. I love watching those who are on TV ( i don't know any on DVD that i know) and it's usally the same each year^^ i do love miracle on the 34th street

  5. I don't watch much tv at all so no, don't get into holiday movies or shows.
    Congrats Mary!

  6. I watch very little TV so I don't watch the movies. I babysit my two-year-old grandson everyday and by evening I just want to read,

  7. I love the Hallmark Christmas movies---it would be impossible to pick a favorite.

  8. Every year, my man wants to watch this one particular holiday movie at least once. It's from the 1980s, the one where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the frosty lightpole (or was it a sign post?).

  9. I'm not really a holiday person. I rarely read holiday themed books, and almost never watch holiday movies. Apparently I'm a Grinch. lol

  10. Congrats Mary!
    Yes I watch them but don't really have a favorite one.

  11. I ddon't have Hallmark Channel anymore but I do like When Angels Come To Town that I saw at my friends.I love Miracle on 34th Street, It a Wonderful Life, The Bishos Wie ( the old one) wwith Cary Grant).

    Carol L
    LUCKY4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. I watch White Christmas every year!

  13. I don't watch tv much other than some tennis so no favs

  14. I do! I love the funny romantic Hallmark movies! I even rewatch them while I try to get holiday chores done.


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