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Friday, May 16, 2014

Audio Review: Shadow Killer, A Charlie D. Mystery, by Gail Bowen

Relationship issues wrapped up in a bit of a mystery.
"Shadow Killer," A Charlie D. Mystery
by Gail Bowen
(Rapid Reads) Post Hypnotic Press

Narrator:  Daniel Maté
Audio Book Length:  1 Hr 21 Min
# of Audio CD's:  2
# of MP3 CD's:  1
Download ISBN:  978-1-927401-89-7
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

"Packs a lot of action into a mere 87 pages. The Rapid Reads line of books is perfect for the adult on the go who desires an intriguing read that can be devoured in one setting -"

It's Father's Day weekend--a tough time for Charlie D, host of a late-night radio call-in show that offers supportive advice to troubled listeners. For years Charlie has been alienated from his father--a retired politician who was always too busy for his son when Charlie was growing up. The trouble is, his dad has chosen this weekend to attempt to reconcile with his son. Charlie is not keen to forgive. But Charlie's personal issues suddenly seem mundane when an email arrives from a young listener that outlines his very specific plans to kill not just his father but his entire family. The deeply troubled boy could be anywhere, and Charlie has just two hours to discover his identity and stop him from murder.

Once again the story introduces Charlie and his call in radio show to newcomers. It’s Father’s Day and Charlie is ready to listen to his fans who call in to share their woes. Not everyone has fond memories of their childhood relationship with their fathers, including Charlie. Charlie’s dad was a busy politician who was disappointed by a son whose face was marred by a large birthmark. Charlie understands being estranged from one’s father and isn’t really interested in responding when his father calls and asks to get together.

Charlie arrives at work to have his producer advise him that a young listener has sent in an email indicating his plans to kill his father, the rest of his family and the rest of his family. Charlie now has to focus his talents on drawing the boy out to call in so they can hopefully talk him out of his plans or at least try to identify him. Charlie is initially at a loss but Nova has helped with father-relationship quotes to open up the show.

Charlie’s boss calls in raging over his elderly, wealthy father who is about to marry a sexy woman young enough to be his granddaughter. Charlie tries to encourage the man to be happy for his father but gets fired instead.

Charlie is still trying to get the ‘shadow killer’ to call in when Charlie’s own father calls. He thinks he can share insight to the frustrations of the young boy.

This episode is rather poignant as it deals with father-son relationships. There is still a little bit of mystery and Charlie is his ever engaging character. I enjoy these quick listens.

Audio Notes: Daniel Maté continues to narrate this series with easy distinction. I enjoy the fun, quick story.

I received this audio from Post Hypnotic Press for an honest review.

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