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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Audio Book Review: Erian's Lair #2 by Troy Lee Henderson

This is an engaging, fun adventure listen.
Erian's Lair #2
by Troy Lee Henderson
Read By: William Dufris

ISBN: 9781611141023
(The Hill Brothers Trilogy)
Publisher: Mind Wings Audio (December 4, 2013)
ebook: File Size: 247 KB
Print Length: 59 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

Simon Hill has been away studying for the past two years. When his parents die suddenly, he returns home to find that he and his two young brothers, Darien and Edwin, have been evicted from their farm. Simon convinces his brothers to join him in an effort to find Erian, the daughter of Eathed, an old dragon who once befriended Simon. The three brothers enlist the aid of Deandra leBec, a dragon hunter whose father was killed by a dragon and setoff to find Erian. [A Novella] -–Book 2 of The Hill Brothers Trilogy.

Simon was a boy who looked beyond the immediate surroundings to wonder what more there was to explore. He curiosty led him to became friends with a dragon in Eathed. He has been studying away from home but returns to discover his parents died of a plague and his younger brothers are about to be evicted. Instead of remaining to slave for the new farm owner, Simon convinces his brothers to join him in a quest for Eathed’s daughter, Erian.

The journey is long but they push on led by Simon’s determination. When they come to the town where Simon planned to hire a famous dragon killer as a guide he learns that the man has been killed by a dragon. The man’s daughter, Deandra, is now intent on hunting the dragon for revenge. Simon tries to convince her that dragons and humans can be friends but she doesn’t want to give up her anger.

The four young people experience adventure and face danger as they travel to the island of the dragon. Simon knows he will have to act quickly to keep the girl and the dragon from killing each other but he believes he will succeed.

This is an engaging tale of tolerance and friendship. I enjoyed the sense of danger and especially enjoyed the surprises the author includes. It is an easy listen that can be enjoyed by young people as well as adults.

Audio Notes: William Dufris does a wonderful job of narrating. He is able to infuse the wonder and nature of children into the voices of the characters. This is a fun, quick listen.

I received this book from the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox

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