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Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday Snapshot (February 2, 2012) Volcanoes in Hawaii

This continues the tour on our third cruise day as we visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on The Big Island of Hawaii. We did several stops on the Crater Rim Drive. I ended up choosing 10 photos so I will split them into two weeks.

Kīlauea caldera in the distance - note the pathway mid picture.

Zoomed in you can see the people (near top of the picture) who are walking across 
the Kilauea Iki trail to the crater rim!

Then we got to walk through a Lava Tube
which was really fun!

My feet got a little wet in the tunnel. :-)

This is part of the path through the tropical rain forest returning from the tunnel.
I loved walking through this and took many shots of the wild undergrowth!

To be continued next week with pictures of the actual volcanoes. 

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  1. I didn't know there was a walk through the lava tunnel!! We're definitely doing that next time we go :-)

  2. I didn't know there was a walk through the lava tunnel. I've never been to Hawaii, but hope to go one day. I have a friend going in a few months, I'll tell her about this.

  3. I'm with Brona! I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the lava tunnel - thanks for the link.

  4. Wow, those are amazing photos! I'd love to visit Hawaii myself one day *sigh*.

  5. Neat! I've never seen a volcano, except in pictures. Looking forward to more pictures.

  6. Gorgeous shots!! The tunnel and the tropical rain forest are truly amazing. Enjoy!


  7. What amazing photos of a place I'll never see; thank you

  8. Great pictures! I didn't know that they had a walk through the lava tunnel. Walking through the lava tunnel looks like a lot of fun. I would of enjoyed the walk coming back from the tunnel through the rain forest too. I love going hiking and seeing what wildlife and plants I can find. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

  9. Awesome photos. I love the rainforest shot.

  10. Volcanoes National Park is on my list of things to visit. I didn't know there was such a thing as a lava tunnel to walk through. I love the tropical rainforest path in you last photo.

  11. That brings back so many fun memories! I hope I get to travel there again someday.

  12. How exciting! I would love that trip!

  13. I would love the walk through the tropical rain forest. All those plants and birds to take photos of! And I've never heard of a lava tunnel. Fascinating.

  14. Thanks for sharing your lovely Hawaii photos and glad to hear you had a great time!

  15. Hawaii has so much to see (and photo)...thank for sharing♫♪ My Sat Snap:

  16. Walking through a tropical rain forest and lava tunnel would be more than awesome!! Thanks for sharing your photos, it looks like you had an amazing trip!
    Here's My SS

  17. We visited this area two years ago and I would love to go back someday soon!

  18. You definitely want me to go there and experience this myself. Thanks for sharing the photos. Can't wait til next week. Here's Mine


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