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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Snapshot (11/10/12) Our Visit to Ketchikan, AK

On the sixth day of our cruise we visited Ketchikan, AK. We did a bus tour to Potlach Totem Park, which is built at an old fishing village site. We continued to have nice weather.

The guides explained the sad history that the natives were pulled from their homes and sent away to "missionary" or government schools. Several generations almost lost the native traditions and they are just now starting to rebuild and relearn their natural heritage.
An interesting thing we learned - Juneau and Ketchikan are only accessible by boat (ferry, cruise or private) or air. 

In addition to the village shots, shown in the slideshow, there is an antique car museum at the park! Who would have thought?

Here are some photos as we went through the park.

I did a little shopping in town before going back to the ship - picked up some handmade Christmas ornaments. And of course - I had to take a shot of Downtown Books!

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  1. Sadly some terrible things happened to indigenous people all over the world. It must be so hard to reclaim a culture when it's been almost erased. My Snapshot is at

  2. Wow, that's pretty isolated. I'd spend most of my time and money in the bookstore.

  3. Thanks for sharing those images of your trip. I wish I had a totem pole of my own - I've always like them!

    Christine - bad things are still happening to them but with more awareness perhaps some things will be save or recovered.

  4. Love the shots....and that bookstore looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  5. It sound like it was quite the adventure - and educational too!

  6. My husband went there on business and was so glad to come home - not a place he'd want to go back to.

  7. Great photos, interesting to see the totem carving.


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