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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review: Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers) by Anita Clenney

If you like action as in Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, I think you will like this relic seeking action adventure!
Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers)
by Anita Clenney

  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance (December 4, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612186548
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612186542
Genre: Action, Adventure
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

Book Description
Publication Date: December 4, 2012
Kendall Morgan is a human bloodhound. Spending her childhood hunting relics with her ambitious archeologist father, she knew the two of them shared a sixth sense for the history and location of objects—sometimes even people. What she didn’t know was that their paranormal gift could ultimately be their undoing.

After the tragic plane crash that killed her father as well as her childhood best friend, Kendall dedicated her life to finding and protecting relics. When mysterious, sexy billionaire Nathan Larraby hires her for his latest expedition—the search for four powerful relics—she’s thrown into a world of high-octane danger. He sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back, but he may have created danger of a different kind.

As the team chases down clues, a man called the Reaper makes a play for the artifacts and will stop at nothing to put them to his own sinister use. What’s worse is that Nathan hasn’t told the whole story, and the dark secrets he’s keeping could cost them the mission…and their lives.

Kendall learned to hunt ancient treasures with her archaeologist father. She has inherited a special, “sixth” sense that allows her a telepathic connection to objects, recognizing their history and often clues about their ownership. While Kendall was just a young girl their adventures lead to the death of her father and her childhood best friend, Adam, who haunts her relationships.

Kendall, with her unique skill, doesn’t have much chance of normal work or normal romance. She has recently been hired by the mysterious, sexy, billionaire Nathan, who is a collector of relics and a recluse. Nathan has also engaged the services of dark, brooding Jake to serve as a body guard for Kendall. Jake and Kendall would both rather work alone. Jake especially doesn’t like Kendall complicating matters, and aggravating him, as she keeps slipping off on her own to investigate leads.

In spite of physical attraction, Kendall and Jake are at odds as they proceed to follow the clues to the ancient castle where the box is believed to be hidden.  They have to safely negotiate booby traps as well as facing mysterious monks guarding the treasure. Not to mention they are dodging other murderous treasure seekers, like a very nasty collector known as The Reaper.

This story eases into the search but once at the castle the action is on and the movement non-stop. Kendall gets help from a ghostly apparition and later a sweet, ancient monk. It becomes clear that Nathan didn’t tell the full story about the box and there are other relics that need to be gathered and protected too. There are additional conflicts in the jealousy of Nathan and Jake and Nathan has other secrets that are hinted at but not yet revealed.

I liked the tough characters, the mysteries and the action.  There is plenty of tension and build up but always an interruption to physical intimacy. There are elements that reminded me of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft which was fun. My attention was fully engaged and the reading was fast paced. There were a few blips and items unresolved in this book but that didn't diminish my enjoyment. There is a surprise hook at the ending that has me waiting for the next book in the series.


Even far into the book Jake and Kendall are still at odds:
“You’re the most stubborn, irritating woman I’ve ever met.”
“You’re a jerk.”  Location 2438.
Thank you to Ms. Clenney and Montlake Romance for providing this book for review and Giveaway (see interview post). Also thank you for sharing in interview.


  1. I love this review. I love Indiana Jones and Lara Croft besides reading a good story with some paranormal in it with the adventure. After reading this post I'm hook on getting this story. I have added it to my list to get. Thanks for sharing this with us and for finding me a new author to read.


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