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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Q&A with Anita Clenney and Giveaway of Guardians of Stone!

 Please help me welcome Anita Clenney, Author of Guardians of Stone

Q1. When you do a series do you have each book plotted out before you start the first one or do the subsequent books flow from the first book?
AC: I have a general idea where the series is going, but things always change. I’m notorious for last minute changes. I suspect I drive my agent and editor crazy. And hubby.

Q2.  Do your characters live with you or haunt your dreams as you write?
AC:  I’m not one of those writers whose characters tell her what to do, but they’re always there in the back of my mind. Plotting is my favorite part of writing, so it’s great to just call the characters up and plot as I’m driving or at the movies. And while I don’t dream about the stories after the fact—the warrior series started with a dream—I have really interesting dreams about related things. For instance, this week I’ve been dreaming about vampires. They’re really intense scenes. I have used some in stories. 

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Q3.  What is one of the best tips you’ve received on writing?
AC:  Just write the damned book. Seriously, if you’re a procrastinator like me, you’ll find all kinds of excuses to write later. Later is sometimes too late.

Q4.  Do you have any strange habits when you write?
AC:  No, but I’m always a little strange.

Q5.  What is the single most important thing you've learned about managing your career?
AC:  I have a serious need for better priorities. It’s hard for me because I’m spontaneous. I want to do what I want when I want, but I’m trying to change that so that I do what needs to be done before it needs to be done.

Q6.  What is the craziest thing you've done to research a story idea?
AC:  I do most of my research online, so it’s interesting, but not much crazy action.

Q7.  What is your writing space like?
AC:  I have two spaces. My PC is, of all places, in my laundry room. Not very inspiring, but it’s quiet, and I can easily throw in a load of laundry as I write. I  have another desk in my dining/living room where I can be with the family and still write while they’re watching TV. This space has all my favorite things nearby (not laundry). I have a massive amount of candles in gorgeous candle holders, and my mirrors and topiary and moss balls, all the things that I’m obsessed with.  Did I mention that I’m obsessed with lots of things?

Q8.  What do you hope your readers get out of your books?
AC: Adventure, hope, and a fun ride.

Guardians of Stone is definitely a fun rideThank you Anita for sharing your writing and sharing about yourself today!

 About Anita Clenney

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Anita Clenney writes mysteries and paranormal romantic suspense novels, including the bestselling Connor Clan series. Clenney grew up an avid reader, devouring Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books before moving on to mysteries and romance. It was only after several successful but wildly different careers — including work as an executive assistant, a real estate agent, a teacher’s assistant, and a brief stint in a pickle factory — that she discovered her untapped passion for writing. Clenney’s first novel, Awaken the Highland Warrior, won the Single Titles Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives with her husband and two children in suburban Virginia.

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  1. Love this interview! Anita is a new author to me and after reading your review for her Guardians of Stone story, I'm planning on reading Anita's stories. I went to Anita website and found what she has done interesting. I wonder how interesting it was to book shows for Aztec Fire Dancers or after working a day in a pickle factory if she brought home the smell of pickles. I think it is interesting how Anita gets two things done at the same time. Doing laundry while writing sounds like something that I would do if I wrote. I'm looking forward to reading Anita's stories. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Becky. Thanks for stopping by. I love new readers! I've done some kind of strange things in my life, like working with the Aztec dancers. I remember the first time I saw them how amazed I was. I got to know them and started booking shows for them. It was fun. I didn't work in the pickle factory long enough to smell like pickles. I was only there half a day. Four of us, all friends, needed money and jobs were scarce. The pickle factory was hiring so off we went. But I just couldn't get the image of Lucy and Ethel out of my head. Seeing my friends in hairnets just made me laugh. And the peppers (the plant was processing peppers that day) were making me dizzy on the conveyor belt. We didn't last long, but the memory will be with me forever.

  2. Wonderful interview. I love learning about new authors. I thought it was interesting to learn that she always has scenes rolling none stop in her head, I been in the same boat all the time :) but i haven't managed to write yet.

    1. Hi Lily. I do have scenes in my head. Daydreams and actual dreams. I have the most amazing, intense dreams. I mentioned the vampire dreams I've had lately. It's like living in a great movie. I wish I could capture that element and get it on paper. I have used my dreams as inspiration. That's what started my highland warrior series which is a paranormal romantic mystery. You should write down some of your scenes. Just jot them down in a notebook or on the computer. Take a scene and build on it. Play "what if" and before long you might have a story.

  3. Thanks for sharing the great interview (the author is new to me)

    As for the website, seen that on Dec 8 will at Turn the Page Bookstore with others :) (not far from me but I have plans that day to be celebrating my daughters birthday)

    Congrats on the book :)

    1. Hi Beckey, thanks for stopping by. I hope you and your daughter enjoy her birthday. Mine just celebrated hers earlier this month. If you get a chance try to come to one of the signings at Turn the Page. They have them, and also their Girls' Night Out events a few times per year. It's always fun being in the same room with the great Nora Roberts. :)

  4. I enjoyed the interview. Good advice.

    I find it interesting she shed to work in a pickle factory.

  5. I am saddened I don't live anywhere near Boonsboro, MD for the amazing author signing :(

    Jolene A

  6. Great interview!! Loved learning more about you and can't wait to read your work!

    Jolene A

  7. I thought I had recognized Anita's name, so I visited her website - I have her first Highlander book. It's interesting that she's moved from Highlander's to this archeological based series. But that's fine with me cause I've always been a fan Indiana Jones/National Treasure/The Librarian type story so I was interested that the series got Hollywood interest too.


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