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Monday, October 24, 2016

Books Received at FWA 2016 Conference: The Prometheus Saga and more!

As I noted on my Sunday Post, I attended the 15th Annual Florida Writers Conference in Orlando this past weekend.
florida writers association
I didn't win any of the park tickets but I did win two book baskets in the Silent Auction which benefits the Florida Writers Foundation.

Basket One:
I became particularly excited to win The Prometheus Saga Basket after attending a workshop with the panel of authors. Seven of the authors who shared their experience collaborating on a common theme with agreed upon guidelines. The collection contains 13 stories by 12 authors. (Each story in the collection is available as a separate Kindle read.) I was interested in the collection and it came with 10 other books from several of the authors!
I plan to read at least one of the stories for November Sci Fi Month.

These are the 11 books that I received from authors of The Prometheus Saga, which is at the top and center:
(Some links are to currently available editions so the covers may be different.)
Outside/back Row:
The Gullwing Odyssey by Antonio Simon Jr.
Indigo Man by M.J. Carson
Little Angel Helper by Bria Burton - I mentioned this author in Monday Mailbox; I also got to chat with her at table.
Brigands Key (Five Star Mystery Series) by Ken Pelham (Hardcover) - This author also taught a workshop that I attended.
The Prometheus Saga
Shadows And Teeth: Ten Terrifying Tales Of Horror And Suspense
by Antonio Simon Jr. and Trevor Boelter
Solarcidal Tendencies by Martin Garrity
DragonFly (Missions of the DragonFly Squadron) (Volume 1) by Charles A Cornell

Inner/bottom Row:
Windrusher: A Street Smart Cat on an Epic Quest & the Adventure of a Lifetime by Victor DiGenti
Eternal Night by Jade Kerrion
Bring Down the Furies (Quint Mitchell Mystery Series Book 2) by Parker Francis

Basket Two:
I thought this title looked interesting and the author was in another panel workshop I attended.

Vicious Circle by Elle E Ire
After I picked up the basket the author came over to tell me something I hadn’t realized. The Bourbon is made with ale yeast sent into space! (See the gold, center label on the bottle.) I'm not really a Bourbon drinker but that is still cool.

I also won two books as a door prize:
Rehabilitation (no link found) and
A Question of God's Balance by Dr. Joseph c. Thek MD

A big thanks to all of these authors who added to my enjoyment of the event!

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