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Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Book of the Year 2015

This Event is hosted by our lovely friend Sheila at Book Journey.  She will be posting a montage of all those participating showing our picture with our First Book of 2015.  Check it out and see what books everyone is starting the new year with!

This is the book I chose for my First read in 2015.
It is from my 2009 TBR Kindle list and
I think I will like it plus I am reading it as part of the 2014-15 Winter COYER challenge.

Shopping for Time: How to Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed
Carolyn Mahaney (Author), Nicole Mahaney Whitacre (Author), Kristin Chesemore (Author), Janelle Bradshaw
Book Description
Publication Date: June 26, 2007
Overwhelmed. Miserable. Exhausted. These are often the words that women use to describe their high-demand lifestyles. How are women who are always on the go expected to cope with the demands of work, family, and ministry?
Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters, Nicole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, and Janelle Bradshaw, recognize the needs of Christian women today. Shopping for Time offers the solution to women who truly desire to glorify God with every use of their time.
These authors offer five tips to help ladies do it all without becoming overwhelmed: rise early, sit down, sit longer (occasionally), choose friends wisely, and take fifteen minutes. By weaving biblical principles of God's Word into these keys, these authors give women practical advice on how to fulfill-and excel in-their daily responsibilities.


  1. A perfect choice for the beginning of a new year. Happy 2015, Martha!

  2. If this is a book that tells you how to obtain more time in your life, and if it is successful, it should be a winner! Everyone needs ways to find more time.

    Happy New Year!

    Here's my First Book of the Year!

  3. Oooooo....I like your choice for your first book.

    ENJOY!!! Have a wonderful first day of reading for 2015!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My First Book Of The Year

  4. Good choice to kick 2015 off to a great start Martha. Happy New Year and happy reading. Nice to "see" you :)

  5. Martha
    Sounds like a great book, although I think you could write that yourself, from the small bit that I have observed your management of time - its pretty up there with the best!

  6. Great post Martha! Thanks for participating! Sorry I missed you on the list, I thought I grabbed everyone off the sign up but next year I will do a spreadsheet for sure :) I have you added now!

    Happy New Year!

  7. A great-sounding first book! Have a wonderful New Year!

  8. Nice photo, hope you enjoy the read!

  9. I got a chuckle when I read the title. Interesting choice indeed.

  10. Hi Martha! Great photo of you and your book. I like the advice of just to take 15 minutes! I try to start my day with at least 15 mins of quiet time. Happy New Year.

  11. Happy New Year and enjoy reading your 1st book of 2015!!

  12. Sounds like a perfect choice for a first book! I know I could definitely use more time - or at least get better at managing the time I have. Happy New Year!


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