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Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Monday! What are You Reading? October 20, 2014

This meme starts at Book Journey!

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

We have been in four states in two days although we didn't stop in Tennessee. I've taken some pictures which I hope to get posted although the internet connection may not be strong enough. We did not notice too much in fall leave colors until we hit Kentucky. Still, it is not a lot yet.
I enjoyed my reading last week and what I have started for this week. I finished three books and posted three reviews. I also posted the usual memes. :-)

I only got to visit a few blogs early in the week as the first two nights were hindered by internet interruptions. I won't have strong internet this week as we travel so I'll see I can manage.
Thanks as always to all the nice people who visit me.

These were last week's posts:
    Finished Reading:
    1. Audible/MP3

    10th Anniversary: The Women's Murder Club
    Written by: James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
    Narrated by: Carolyn McCormick
    I really enjoyed stepping back into this series which I have always enjoyed. I wasn't disappointed. 
    I'll post a review this week.
    Click on book title for full description.

    2. eBook/Kindle

    Pumpkins in Paradise 
    (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries Book 1)
    by Kathi Daley
    This is a nice small town, cozy mystery with just a hint of romance.
    I'll post a review this week.
    Click on book title for full description.

    3. eBook/Kindle

    The Kindness of Neighbors (A Short Story)
    by Matthew Iden

    This is oh so interesting with a twist at the end!
    I'll post a review this week.
    Click on book title for full description.

    eTreasures Publishing:
    Two more ebooks still out for galley proofs; to be released soon.

    Currently reading:
    1. Audio/MP3

    Unwritten: A Novel
    Charles Martin (Author)
    Kevin Stillwell (Narrator)
    I am well-engaged and wondering where this will go.
    I received this audiobook as a free download.
    Book Description
    Publication Date: May 7, 2013
    An actress running from her past finds escape with a man hiding from his future.
    When someone wants to be lost, a home tucked among the Ten Thousand Islands off the Florida coast is a good place to live. A couple decent boats, and a deep knowledge of fishing and a man can get by without ever having to talk to another soul. It's a nice enough existence, until the one person who ties him to the world of the living, the reason he's still among them even if only on the fringes, asks him for help.

    Father Steady Capri knows quite a bit about helping others. But he is afraid Katie Quinn's problems may be beyond his abilities. Katie is a world-famous actress with an all too familiar story. Fame seems to have driven her to self-destruct. Steady knows the true cause of her desire to end her life is buried too deeply for him to reach. But there is one person who still may be able to save her from herself.

    He will show her an alternate escape, a way to write a new life. But Katie still must confront her past before she can find peace. Ultimately, he will need to leave his secluded home and sacrifice the serenity he's found to help her. From the Florida coast, they will travel to the French countryside where they will discover the unwritten story of both their pasts and their future.

    2. eBook/Kindle

    The Castle Blues Quake
    by Linda Covella
    I will start this Monday morning for tour blitz this week.
    Book Description
    Publication Date: July 20, 2014
    12-year-old Pepper Connelly leaves her best friend, Chrissie, behind when her family moves from New York City to Santa Cruz, CA. Pepper discovers a boy, Corey, hiding in her backyard shed. Unknown to Pepper, Corey is a ghost trying to contact his grandfather, Boppie, before he crosses over. He tells Pepper he must locate Boppie before Social Services finds him. Pepper agrees to help.

    While Pepper’s communication with Chrissie dwindles, her friendship with Corey grows. She tells Corey about her passion for writing songs, and throughout the story, she composes a song about Corey. Corey teaches Pepper to play the harmonica. Soon, she’s torn between finding Boppie and knowing when she does, Corey will certainly go back on the road with his traveling-musician grandfather.

    Other characters help her on her quest: new classmate Ally Cressman, who dresses in an odd-ball, non-mall style; Sawtooth Sam, the mysterious saw-playing street musician; and Madame Mchumba, who performs her psychic readings at the Boardwalk amusement park. Earthquakes, haunted house rides, poltergeists, and crystal ball readings propel Pepper toward the end of her search as she learns about the give and take, the heartache and joy, of true friendship.

    3. eBook/Kindle

    What a Lady Needs for Christmas (MacGregor Series)
    by Grace Burrowes
    I started this and love the characters already.
    I received this from Sourcebooks through NetGalley.
    Book Description
    Publication Date: October 7, 2014
    The Best Gifts are the Unexpected Ones...
    To escape a scandal, Lady Joan Flynn flees her family's estate in the Scottish Highlands. She needs a husband by Christmas, or the holidays will ring in nothing but ruin.
    Practical, ambitious mill owner Dante Hartwell offers to marry Joan, because a wellborn wife is his best chance of gaining access to aristocratic investors.
    As Christmas—and trouble—draw nearer, Dante and Joan's marriage of convenience blossoms into unexpected intimacy, for true love often hides beneath the most unassuming holiday wrapping...

    I am caught up on my daily Bible reading.
    I have disciplined myself each morning to read my Bible passage before I pick up print, Kindle or mp3. I am really enjoying the reading.

    Line Edits:
    We are still finalizing formatting for two educational, non-fiction ebook releases which we sent back for a bit more polishing. We are also working on releasing several additional novels in print -- also polishing.

    I keep plugging away at the books carried forward and the added NetGalley titles as well as the publicist/Author requests. 
    I am one behind on posting reviews but it is written and I just have to be able to get online to post the reviews this week.  

    October Scheduled -
    Mid Oct: 
    10/23 The Castle Blues Quake by Linda Covella Blog Blitz

    NetGalley - To be read in October/November:
    Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve, Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre
    The Red Book of Primrose House by Marty Wingate  (for Nov)
    What a Lady Needs for Christmas (MacGregor Series) by Grace Burrowes (Reading)

    Nov 7: Hilltop Sunset: A Brynn Bancroft Mystery by Joyce Strand
    Nov. 12: Peace & Goodwill a Christmas Novella (The Minstrel Series Book 4) by Lee Strauss
    A Touch of Nerves by Dennis Hampton
    The Founders' Plot by Frank Victoria
    We Are the Destroyers by D.K. Lindler

    From Story Bundle - I am enjoying the romance bundle and so glad I got these. There are Cyperpunk, Supernatural and Mystery Bundles available now - soooo tempting!
    Huntress For Hire by Terry Spear
    Peter's Christmas by M. L. Buchman
    The Death of Davy Moss by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

    Still many more requests to consider and reply to.

    AudioBook Jukebox
    I'll be looking for new titles to request this week.

    Post Hypnotic Press
    I have several more audiobooks from this publisher that I will be reviewing.

    From TBR Collection - 10th Anniversary: The Women's Murder Club (reading)
    Won Book - TBD
    Free Kindle/Nook or Smashwords - TBD for October


    1. you have a lot of good books on there, both in the read and upcoming! happy reading!

      Here is my Monday

    2. Hmmm.... I didnt think of trying Brave New World on audio!

    3. Looks like your month is as busy as mine! Happy reading!

      Please come visit: Proud Book Nerd

    4. Good that you enjoyed What a Lady Needs for Christmas. I read that couple of weeks back and enjoyed it.

    5. Unwritten looks interesting!
      New follower :)
      Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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