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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Audio Book Review: Jennings Books: According to Jennings (1954) by Anthony Buckeridge

This is a very enjoyable, old-fashioned, easy listening, story break.
Author:  Anthony Buckeridge
Narrator:  Simon Vance
Audio Book Length:  4 Hrs 29 Min
# of Audio CD's:  4
# of MP3 CD's:  1
Download ISBN:  978-1-926910-41-3
Genre: Middle Grade, Classic
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

In this audiobook - the space-craze sweeps through Linbury Court School and the corridors reverberate with 'voom-voom' noises as rockets, piloted by "Butch Breakaway" Jennings and his "bald-headed scientist," Darbishire, take off for the moon. As Mr. Carter prophesies, the craze wears off, but not before Jennings has stuck his head into trouble; nor before he and Darbishire have helped General Merridew, that peppery but most distinguished of Old Boys, to recapture some of the wilder moments of his lost boyhood.

This visit to Jennings and his class mates shares more fun with “silly little boys” trouble (as Mr. Wilken’s would say). The boys are in a space craft minded phase with chases between sets of boys. They manage to ‘capture’ a visiting dignitary, General Merridew, by locking him in the library instead of another team of boys who were thought to be there. Mr. Carter and Mr. Wilkens are appalled espcially when the key has disappeared with Darbishire. They make a plan to go through a window. Meanwhile Jennings and Darby return and release the General who begins to remember his own days of play and shows them a trick that catches Wilkens ringing the bell.

The boys run into more trouble trying to make sure their team is ready for the upcoming swim meet. Sneaking into the closed pool area ends up leading to more trouble and ultimately a punishment that will keep them back at school when their mates head out to an anticipated soccor match with a big celebrity. Jennings and Darby finish their assignments and decide they must get to the game as they were instructed to deliver the assignments to Wilkens “as soon as” they were done. They manage to get a lift from the famous player and then stumble upon a bugalar in the locker room. During the following confusion and hunt Mr. Wilkens is detained as the thief due to miscommunication.

This is the second audio-book I have enjoyed in this series. This is a delightful tale of school boy pranks and missions gone wrong with unintended trouble that all turns out well. Thank goodness. Although this is not exciting reading it provides a pleasureable break and a look at older, gentler times with childhood fun.

Audio Notes: Once again the narration is perfectly fitting for the characters and subject. Gotta love listening to Simon Vance. :-) It is spot on and makes it smooth, easy entertainment.

Also see review for: Jennings' Diary by Anthony Buckeridge

I received this audio from Post Hypnotic Press for an honest review..

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  1. Sounds like a mix of Mallory Towers and Hardy Boys which I read as a youngster!


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