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Friday, June 20, 2014

Audio Book Review: The Thirteenth Rose Charlie D. Mysteries, Book 4 by Gail Bowen

This is another quick, enjoyable mystery with Charlie D's special, gentle kindness.
The Thirteenth Rose
Charlie D. Mysteries, Book 4
by Gail Bowen
Audio Book Length:  1 Hr 24 Min
# of Audio CD's:  2
# of MP3 CD's:  1
Audio CD ISBN:  978-1-927401-95-8
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

For his Valentine's night call-in show, host Charlie D plans to offer his listeners two hours on the topic of "satisfaction." His in-studio guest is twenty-five-year-old Misty de Vol Burgh, formerly the highest-paid escort in the city but now happily married to eighty-three-year-old billionaire Henry Burgh. It's all good fun until Charlie receives a chilling message: "It's take-out-the-garbage night. Time to kill all the hookers and wash the streets with blood." When Charlie is directed to a website that allows viewers to watch the murder of a prostitute in real time and promises that another killing will be broadcast live within the hour, the hunt is on. But The World According to Charlie D. has an audience of over a million listeners. The murderer could be anyone, anywhere. Charlie and his team have less than two hours to find and stop the killer.

This is book four in the Charlie D mystery series. There is a brief recap introduction of Charlie to readers who are new to the series. Host Charlie D has a knack for listening and helping lonely people who call in to share on his late night radio talk show. His special guest for Valentines’ day is his ‘new’ boss, Misty de Vol Burgh who has unique qualifications. Misty is a mid-twenties former high-paid escort who married eighty-three-year-old billionaire Henry Burgh who bought the station as a gift for her.

While Charlie and Misty prepare to answer questions about love on the show, the station production manager, Nova, is becoming alarmed by threats to ‘women of the night’. The threat heats up when a video of a call girl being brutally murdered goes viral on the internet durint the show. There is a threat that another murder will take place by midnight and it is feared that violence is waiting outside to attack Misty when she leaves the studio.

Apparently another show host is a very outspoken and hostile man who has been riling up a group of chauvinist/purists who are condemning women who make their living through sexual relationships. The police try to trace a connection while Misty demands the man return to the studio to try to defuse the situation. What can Charlie and Misty due to prevent another murder?

These ‘rapid reads’ are enjoyable, short listens. They have a mystery that addresses current, everyday issues. The author shares philosophy and goodness through Charlie's wise, kind words along with real emotions of sadness and friendship. If you have ever enjoyed talk show radio, or enjoy mysteries with a gentle philosphical message, I encourage you to treat yourself to these quick listens.

Audio Notes: Once again narrator Daniel Maté makes this ‘rapid read’ an easy listen. He manages to express the essence of Charlie as well as portraying the other characters through the voice inflections. The narration adds to my enjoyment of the series.

I received this audio book from Post Hypnotic Press for an honest review.

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