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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Audible Book Review: Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb

Another intense investigation with Eve and Roarke
Conspiracy in Death: In Death, Book 8

Genre: Mystery, Suspense
My Rating: 4.75 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
With the precision of a surgeon, a serial killer preys on the most vulnerable souls of the world's city streets. The first victim: a sidewalk sleeper, found dead in New York City. No bruises, no signs of struggle. Just a laser-perfect, fist-sized hole where his heart had once been. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is assigned to investigate. But in the heat of a cat-and-mouse game with the killer, Dallas' job is suddenly on the line. Now her hands are tied...between a struggle for justice - and a fight for her career.

Crack another case with Eve Dallas.
©2007 J. D. Robb; (P)2007 Brilliance Audio

Eve Dallas faces a skilled, clearly arrogant surgeon in this eighth installment. Someone is killing the homeless and unwanted in society - those whom some police consider not worth much effort in investigation. The deaths are done with laser-perfect precision removing organs which would seem to be damaged. Since the organs have no worth on a black market what could be the purpose?

Eve finds at the first scene a street officer, Bowers, who went to Academy with Eve although Eve doesn’t remember her much. But Bowers remembers Eve and is extremely bitter at Eve’s successful career. Bowers is about to cause major trouble for Eve accusing her of a wide range of inappropriate behavior including bigotry, abuse and sleeping her way to the top. Eve doesn’t care about Bowers’ insubordinate, bad attitude except to the extent it obstructs Eve’s investigation because it is clear that Bowers could care less about the homeless and prostitute victims.

Eve is putting unappreciated pressure on the creme of the surgical community and slowly uncovering a history of like crimes that begin to give her clues to a motive. Unfortunately, just as she is getting closer to the killer, Eve is devastated when Bowers’ distracting reports lead to a suspension for the possible murder of Bowers! Taking away her badge is equal to taking away the identity that Eve managed to create for herself.

It takes support, both technical and emotional, from Roarke to see Eve through this trouble and help her solve the medical crime. As always there is plenty of action, could rapport with Eve’s team and wonderful personal interaction with Roarke.

Audio notes: Susan Ericksen does a fabulous job with this series. She makes a good mystery even better with exceptional emotional intensity and personality to the voices. I really enjoy listening to this series!

I picked this from my own Audible Library.

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