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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Words January 6, 2013

Good Day--This is the Day the Lord Has Made!!
We had a lovely service this morning with missionaries visiting from Lybia. Their primary ministry is to children and they shared a beautiful message and example. They teach that our service is first to the Lord, then to minister God's Love to each other.

Each of us are here to minister to God first.  Think about children -- we don't think "Oh, I'll have a baby so that my child can do the house chores. And let's have another to do chores in the field." We give birth to children to have someone who needs us and will love us. We are blessed when our children want to spend time with us and miss them when they start to ignore us (like when they become teens). Aren't we like that with God? He created us to love Him and He misses us when we ignore Him to spend time with friends or games or work.

The minister showed us an example of three tennis balls in a tube which represent the Triune God. The tube represents our lives. If you remove the three balls (Father, Son and Spirit) and pour in a jar of sand, representing stuff in our lives (work, games, friends), then the three balls no longer fit.  If you pour out the sand and put the three balls back in - first read the Bible, pray and talk with God, have a devotional and meditate each day - then you can pour the sand in over the balls and it will fit. But only when God comes first.

We start a new year knowing that we have a Hope!

A Verse for Today
Mark 3:14 NIV

He appointed twelve--designating them apostles--that they might be with Him and that he might send them out to preach. [Emphasis added.]

I pray Lord that you will help me seek you first each morning and at all times.

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