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Monday, December 31, 2012

Audio Book Review: Christmas in an Elevator by Kay Murky

This is a quick, sweet listen.

Author: Kay Murky
Narrator: R.E. Chambliss
Length: 46 minutes
Free at AudioLark
Genre:  Holiday Romance
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0 
Tamara Donnelly has her mistletoe in a twist. It's bad enough her boss, Nathan Hatch, is hot enough to be Mr. August in a pin up calendar. It's worse he keeps her working late night after night. Now it's December 23rd, she's trapped in an elevator with him after hours, and she'd better keep her mind on business if she wants to keep her job.
Nathan Hatch can think of worse fates than to be stuck in an elevator with his beautiful assistant. God knows he's spent enough time wondering what she's like off the clock. They've got a bottle of brandy and a long night ahead of them, and Nathan can think of lots of interesting ways they could pass the time.A night in an elevator could be the best Christmas present ever.

I slipped this in from my  TBR, for a Just For Fun, quick Audio listen. It is a sweet holiday novella.

The scenario is somewhat predictable but nicely handled. Boss and assistant get stuck in the elevator the last night before Christmas Eve. Neither of them are dating -- Tamara had a bad experience with her last beau and Nathan is a work-a-holic who hasn’t taken time to start dating since he joined the firm five months before.  As they sit in the dark and share a bottle of brandy they share a little about themselves. Tamara explains how she will be attending the annual family Christmas Eve party where everyone will ask “where is your young man?” Although the dark and their need to be close to share warmth is tempting, they try to resist their attraction.

I was impressed that Ms. Murky was able to create pretty full characters in such a short piece. The pacing was good and the situation and dialogue realistic.

The narration is adequate if not inspiring. The voice was a bit too young sounding for my taste. If you want to fill 45 minutes with a nice easy listen this is great as a free audio.

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