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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Giveaway + Interview with Sara Humphreys, Author of Untouched

Hello Sara! Thank you for sharing at Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf. I have really enjoyed your characters and exciting action in the Amoveo Series!

Questions for Sara:

Q1  Congratulations on your successful Amoveo Series! I believe there are to be five books - is that right?  I love to ask this question about series:  did you have each book plotted out before you started the first one or did the subsequent books flow from the first book?
SH: Hi! Thanks for the congratulations J Yes. There are going to be five books in the series but I did not have them all plotted out. When I was writing UNLEASHED, I figured out the story for UNTOUCHED. It pretty much worked out that way for the whole series. I get the idea for the next book as I’m writing the one prior and sometimes it changes. For example, in the original version of UNTOUCHED the villain was different but I realized that I liked that character far too much to make him evil and kill him off.
Q2   Have you found that any of your skills as an actress add extra help to your career as an author?
SH: Definitely. I use sense memory recall when I’m writing, just as I did when I was performing. As a writer, you have to be able to get inside the head of the characters and understand where everyone is coming from and what their motivations are. It’s actually quite similar to acting.
Q3  Please share with us one surprising thing about your experience writing Untouched, or about something else related to your career as a writer.
SH: When I was writing Untouched, it was the first time that music played a significant role in the creative process. I heard the song Honey on the Skin and it sparked a wealth of ideas for the story. Now I use music all the time, but it’s especially helpful when I need to spark a lazy muse.

Q4  Which word would you use to describe yourself and your personality?
SH: Tenacious. I’m like a dog with a bone and won’t let go until I get where I want to go. My mother calls it tunnel vision and it can be both a blessing and a curse. I try to use it for good and not for evil.
Q5  How did you come up with the idea for Sara’s Angels?
SH: I heard the term “street team” and just kind of ran with it. I put the idea out on Facebook and asked if any of my readers would want to help do some promo in their hometowns. I was shocked by the response! We’re up to 50 angels in 29 states and 3 countries. I’m always looking for more. J  The girls on the team came up with the name. I really like it and I’m so lucky to have this vibrant group of women on my side.
Questions for Dante:

Q1  Which word would you use to describe yourself and your personality?
D:  Protector.
Q2  Briefly, can you share with the readers if you have any special plans on how to win over Kerry?
D: I’m going to show her that she has nothing to fear from me and that my only desire is to make her happy. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be tempted to throw her over my shoulder and carry her off like the Neanderthal that she thinks I am. But since I doubt that would get me anywhere, I’d probably ask her best friend, Samantha what the hell I’m doing wrong.
Q3  Do you have any special vulnerabilities?
D: Yes. Kerry. I’ve never met a woman who can set me on edge with one look but she sure has managed that. It’s both unsettling and sexy as hell.
Q4  What is something you would never be caught dead doing/saying?
D: Where can I get a good mani-pedi?
Q5  What is the one thing your readers would be surprised to know about you?
D: I’m an excellent cook and my specialty is breakfast…in bed.
Final Question:  If you could have readers finish a sentence what would it be?
SH: If Dante were to bring you breakfast in bed….he would bring….?
She should be seen, but never touched…

Kerry Smithson's modeling career ensures that she will be admired from afar, which is essential since mere human touch sparks blinding pain and terrifying visions.

Every good model needs a heavenly bodyguard…

Dante Coltari is hired to protect Kerry from those who know who she is—or more importantly what she is—and want her dead because of it. Nothing could have prepared him for the challenge of keeping her safe. But, strangely, his lightest touch brings her exquisite pleasure rather than pain, and Dante and Kerry have an otherwordly connection that might just pull them through.


“Red-hot love scenes punctuate a well-plotted suspense story that will keep readers turning pages as fast as they can.”
Publishers Weekly Starred Review


Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and public speaker, Sara lives with her husband--who is very considerate of her double life--and four amazing boys, in Bronxville, New York. For more information, please visit, Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!/authorsara.

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  1. Sara, I really enjoyed your interview. I love that their will be 5 books in your series. I'll have to catch up because I really like the sound of this book and series. And the name Dante is one of my favorites. I look forward to reading this series. If Dante brought me breakfast in bed all he needs to bring his Himself. :)Linky follower and email subscriber.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. HI Carol-I do hope you'll check out the series. William's story is coming in November :) Thank you for coming by today.

    2. I also commented on the review.
      Carol L.
      Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. He would bring himself!!! if he has to bring me food...I would want blueberry pancakes:)
    Linky follower Andie Wardlow
    I loved the interview especially about your an angel!!!
    And loved Dante's character interview...he's so hot and sweet especially the part about throwing her over his shoulder!!! Yummy:)

    1. Hi Andie--_Of course I know you're one of my angels and you rock! xx I think he's pretty yummy too. *sigh*

  3. 1. He would bring me french toast covered with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries! Yum!

    2. Already a follower - GFC:Maria pronounced Mariah

    3. I am a tottal series junky and from all the different blog post and reviews I have seen recently on this one I have a feeling this is another one I won't want to miss. The covers are fantastic.

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Maria--Love that menu item! French toast is one of my favorites. I do hope you'll try the series and let me know what you think. I agree with you about the covers...Sourcebooks does a beautiful job.

  4. If Dante were to bring me breakfast in bed I am not sure I would notice that he brought me it could be oatmeal for all I care!! I would love to follow you on FB if I could figure out how!! I don't know how to TWIT or TWEET!! I enjoy all of Sara's interviews, she seem very down to earth and I love her connection with the readers!! From this interview I learned that Sara recognizes and owns her tenacity!! GIRL POWER!! I am saddened to learn there will only be 5 books :( but also looking forward to the Dead in the City series Sara is writing!!

  5. My breakfast would definitely have to be doughnuts. I'm a GFC follower. I just wanted to say that I actually just read the first book Unleashed and loved it. After I got done with it, I started hoping that William's book would be soon, so can't wait till it gets here.

  6. He just need to bring himself, i don't care what food he take *dreamy eyes*

    i'm international, so you know what that means ;)

  7. I loved the first book in this series, did not know there would be so many to read though! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  8. Great interview. I enjoyed both parts, but I really love character interviews, and I love that Dante said that his weakness is Kerry. I always find it interesting when authors include the music that helps inspire their books. I don't know how they can listen to music & write at the same time. I get too distracted when just reading, LOL. However, I can block out the TV most of the time.

    As for breakfast in bed, he could bring pancakes, with syrup & whipped cream....not necessarily on the pancakes, LOL.

    GFC follower: June M. (along with email & others)
    Left comment on review -- which was great :)

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway & for the interview and reveiw.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
    (it is a j after the _)

    Total 4 entries

  9. He would bring an omelette.

    I follow via email.

    I enjoyed the interview and think it's great that the author's able to use her skills as an actress in her writing.

    I commented on the interview.

    I commented on the review.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  10. Sounds like a great series I need to get reading!

    I am a follower.

  11. French toast with real whipped cream and berries. With fresh orange juice.

    GFC follower

    left a comment on review

    bacchus76 at myself dot com


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